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Time Monger (タイムモンガー Taimu Mongā, 15) is a unicorn & time-controlling theme Monger of Machine Empire Black Magma.

Character History

Time Monger is created by Queen Hedrian in order to use it to manipulate the ancient memories of a mechanic whose ancestor was a pirate, in hopes of using his memories to find a lost treasure buried over 350 years earlier. After capturing him, they activate the device, but it initially becomes stopped in 1842, awakening the memories of a samurai ancestor within him. Time Monger and the Zero Girls recapture him and continue the process until the pirate finally returns from 1630. After Misa helps him escape while he searches for the treasure, Sun Vulcan fight Time Monger, befuddled by the time-manipulation until they attack it with their Vulcan Sticks, finally destroying the temporal device and returning the man's memories back to 1981. After being destroyed by the Vulcan Ball, it fights and is defeated by Sun Vulcan Robo after the activation of its Expansion Program.


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His main ability is the control of time, primarily through the usage of a dimension where he can move time forwards and backwards at will during an attack, as well as using a forked staff. When used in conjunction with a machine, the calendar on its face can be used to move an object or a person's memories backwards through time, awakening past lives within them. He can teleport, use grenades, spawn volcanic eruptions, use a revolver, fire a stun beam from his head, and he has a drill in his forehead.

Behind the Scenes


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His abilities to control time even if it cannot literally go back in time is similar to Vader Monster Taimular from the previous season.


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