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The five Time Flyers can combine into the Time Force Megazord in modes Red, Blue, and Jet Modes. It is the primary Megazord of the core five Time Force Rangers.

Time Flyers

Time Flyers

The Time Flyers are the zords used by the Time Force Power Rangers. Each of the five Rangers have control of their respectively-colored Time Flyers, which can combine in three different ways to form the Time Force Megazord: Mode Red, Mode Blue, and Jet Mode. (In this way, it is similar to the mecha from Jetman.) Ostensibly, the Time Flyers are stored in the year 3000 for the sole reason that it is not possible to refuel them in the year 2001.

Time Flyer 1

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: TimeJet 1

Time Flyer 1, piloted by Wesley Collins. Forms the frontal segment of Jet Mode. Time Flyer 1's underside is Time Force Megazord Mode Red's chest, while the topside is the chest of Time Force Megazord Mode Blue. Forms the body and head of Time Force Megazord Mode Red and Mode Blue.

Time Flyer 2

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: TimeJet 2

Time Flyer 2, piloted by Lucas Kendall. Forms Time Force Megazord Mode Red's left leg, Time Force Megazord Mode Blue's left arm, and Jet Mode right wing.

Time Flyer 3

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Time Flyer 3, piloted by Trip. Forms Time Force Megazord Mode Red's right leg, Forms Time Force Megazord Mode Blue's right arm, and Jet Mode's left wing.

Time Flyer 4

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: TimeJet 4

Time Flyer 4, piloted by Katie Walker. Forms Time Force Megazord Mode Red's left arm, Forms Time Force Megazord Mode Blue's right leg, and the left "rudder" of Jet Mode.

Time Flyer 5

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: TimeJet 5

Time Flyer 5, piloted by Jen Scotts. Forms Time Force Megazord Mode Red's right arm, Time Force Megazord Mode Blue's left leg, and the right "rudder" of Jet Mode.


Jet Mode

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The Time Force Megazord Jet Mode is simply a larger aircraft capable of using the Cyclone Defense where it spins around in a massive circle, generating high winds to form a tornado to stun the monster and then fly through it to fire a barrage of lasers. In the final episode of the series, said tornado was strong enough to pick up and throw away Doomtron like a piece of paper. Throughout the entire series, however, the Jet Mode has never finished off an opposing monster, instead having to switch to Mode Blue, or more commonly Mode Red. Because of this, the Jet Mode is almost never recognized as being a Megazord. In this form, the Megazord has the ability to travel through time without being launched through the time portal as shown when the Rangers use it to return to the past in the finale as it has the best chance of making it through the portal.

Mode Red

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Unnamed red, yellow and pink shield and Time Force Megazord Saber (open mode used for Press Blizzard finisher)

The Time Force Megazord Mode Red is optimized for power. Mode Red is formed with Green and Blue Time Flyers becoming the legs; Red making the body and head; and Pink and Yellow becoming the arms; while the wings of Red and the noseshields of Pink and Yellow combine to become a shield. It is armed with the Time Force Megazord Saber, allowing it to use a saber strike to freeze enemies.

The finisher for this formation is the Time Strike. During its use, the sides of the sword would close, and the slash itself would commence in earnest when the sides are fully merged with the blade (which is seen in front of a clock, with the sides acting as the "hands"). It would then slide forth and energy slash through the monster before the "hands" would move from 3 and 9 to twelve. Typically, one Ranger would say "Your time is up" after its use.and then the monster would explode, freeze, and shrink into a frozen form.

The Saber can also fire energy blasts and, in the battle with Severax, the Saber was charged with energy causing it to gain the appearance of a glowing boomerang, it was then thrown through Severax and into the hand of the Time Shadow Megazord.

Mode Blue

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: Time Robo Beta

The Time Force Megazord Mode Blue is optimized for speed, and it can use the Time Jet Blaster Mode. Mode Blue is formed with Pink and Yellow Time Flyers forming the legs, Red making the body and head, and Green and Blue forming the arms. It uses the nose/cockpit section of the Red Time Flyer to form its head, so the head is more triangular than that of Mode Red. One of the formation's main attacks is where it jumps up into the sky and bounces off of the sky (acting like a trampoline) and firing a devastating barrage of energy.

The finishing move for Mode Blue is the Time Blast where the Rangers summon the Time Jet and change it into gun mode. .It would then aim it at the enemy, charge up the barrels with blue energy, and fire a massive double blast that would obliterate the enemy upon contact.


  • The Time Force Megazord—as well as its upgraded Shadow Force Megazord forms—is the only Megazord utilized by the Time Force Rangers that is piloted; the other three Megazords (Time ShadowQ-Rex, and Transwarp) utilized by them are either operated by remote or can function independently.
  • Mode Blue only ever defeated an enemy twice, once for the body of Tentaclaw and again for the evil Time Force Megazord. The Rangers generally switched to Mode Red to finish the job.

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