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Time Force Academy is the training grounds of the Time Force located on Earth in the 31st century.

In 3016, Professor Jen Scotts gave a lecture at the Time Force Academy when it came under attack by numerous Time Force officers who had seemingly betrayed the Time Force. Jen worked to distract the attackers while her students – Marv, Vesper, Chloe, Eddie, along with Time Force officer Jack – struggled between keeping themselves safe and trying to track down Professor Scotts to assist her against the attackers.

They discovered that the Time Force officers who had betrayed Time Force were part of “The Alliance”, who state that their numbers are infinite and evil is their goal. A large, mysterious shadowed figure appears to be the leader of The Alliance and battled against the Pink Time Force Ranger. The cadets attempted to save Professor Scotts but were unable to stop the shadowed figure from getting in a time ship and traveling through time. Professor Scotts indicated that she could not get a hold of the rest of her team and ordered the cadets, along with Jack, to follow the shadowed figure while she stayed in the present to try and figure out what happened. Welcome to Time Force Academy


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