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Diger Mask

Tiger Mask.

Tiger Mask (タイガー仮面 Taigā Kamen) is the twenty-ninth of Black Cross Commander-in-Chief Golden Mask's Masked Monsters. He was the last minion of Golden Mask's army, as well as the last Masked Monster the Gorangers had to fight against before their fight against Golden Mask and the Black Cross Führer.

Character History

HSG-Jiro Daigo

Jiro Daigo

Tiger Mask is in actuality Jiro Daigo, a former commander of EAGLE's Hokkaido block, where Peggy Matsuyama was stationed. When the block was attacked by Jade Mask during the Black Cross Army's original invasion, he was presumed killed as all other members of Hokkaido block outside Peggy. However, he was found and transformed into a Black Cross Masked Monster with loyalty to the enemy.

Tiger Mask lead a mission by the Black Cross to kill a scientist working on new EAGLE equipment including a new floating base to rival the Black Cross Castle. During the initial attack, he attacks him with his claws and fangs before Peggy and Kenji scurry him away before finding out what EAGLE was working on and where the research was located. When Peggy discovers Jiro, the two become reacquainted, but he uses her to force her to tell him where the research was being developed so he could attack it with Black Cross forces.

Eventually to fool Jiro and to defeat his mission, the Gorengers set up a scheme where Tsuyoshi, Daita and Kenji appear to get the scientist to escort him to base so that he could potentially be "assassinated", in truth tricking him to shoot a dummy so he could waste his shot. Peggy then confronts him to show him that she didn't love him anymore before the Jiro side commits suicide, leaving only the Tiger Mask Masked Monster behind. Momorenger releases her fury at him before the Gorengers finish him with Gorenger Hurricane becoming an iron trap that captures him before exploding. Ep. 83: Orange First Love!! The Roaring Megalopolis


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Modus and Arsenal

His main abilities are the strength and wildness of a tiger, using claws and fangs to attack. He also can breathe fire called Tiger Fire, is equipped with a broadsword, and jump high into the air. As Jiro Daigo, he is a superb marksman as a former commander of EAGLE Hokkaido base.



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Behind the Scenes


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