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Reason: Spirit Base and Tiger Boy are two different places. Tiger Boy happens to contain one of the teleporters.

The Tiger Boy Family Restaurant is the front for the Kyoryuger's Spirit Base. The gang was briefly assembled there, though none of them knew each other, nor that the Spirit Base is linked to the restaurant. Daigo Kiryu was the first member of the team to travel to the actual Spirit Base, where Torin debriefed him on the headquarters and the Charge Box before sending him off. The Spirit Base was later relocated directly to Bragigas, due to the fact that the Spirit Base was once inside Bragigas before his demise, and that Bragigas was the original host of the Spirit Base.


  • The yellow colors, as well as the name Tiger Boy, are most likely references to the Yellow Zyuranger Boi, whose motif was a sabertoothed cat. Zyuranger was also the first dinosaur/prehistoric-themed Sentai series.

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