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Tidal Wave is a comic story based on Power Rangers Samurai, which was printed as part of the 7th issue of Panini's UK Power Rangers Magazine.[1]



While training at the Shiba House, the Samurai Rangers notice that Kevin has skipped out again for a third time. Worried, Mia remembers that there is a swim meet today and thinks he might be there. She is right as Kevin sits in the crowd watching on wishing he could be taking part, suddenly a group of Moogers jump into the crowd so Kevin morphs and takes out a bunch of them with his Spin Sword dragon splash. More Moogers drop in from above but seconds later so do the other Rangers who help him defeat the Moogers. No time to rest as the Nighlok Ascidiacea rises out of the pool and fires powerful water blasts at the Blue Ranger, Red and Green Rangers try a double team but Ascidiacea creates an impenetrable water-shield around himself. Thinking he is safe but what Ascidiacea was not counting on is that the Rangers have one of the country's most gifted swimmers on their team. The Blue Rangers dives straight through the water-shield with ease and slashes Ascidiacea with his Spin Sword causing him to disappear back into the ground. Moments later, Ascidiacea returns as a giant Mega Monster so the rangers combine the Megazord but are attacked by Ascidiacea's powerful water blasts causing them to sink into the ground. Now stuck in the ground, the Blue Ranger launches the SwordFish Zord who fires torpedos knocking Ascidiacea backwards giving the Rangers time to combine the Swordfish Fencer Megazord. Ascidiacea fires again but the Megazord dodges it then using the sword on his head slashes him down saving the day once again.[2]




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