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""Tiaratron ready for battle. My jewels will dazzle my enemies.""
―Tiaratron's first words after being created.[src]

""You cracked my jewels!""
―Tiaratron's final words before her death.[src]

Tiaratron is a tiara-themed Robotron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2.

Character History

Tiaratron was first created when Robo-Roxy takes a plastic tiara from a little girl and Blaze infected it with Evox's Virus. Tiaratron was assigned the mission of attacking the Rangers so that Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy could snatch up Mayor Daniels/Evox and give him the Morph-X he needs to retain his human form. She attacked Ravi and Zoey who was guarding Mayor Daniels and they morphed to fight her. Tiaradrone was deployed at a similar time that the Grid Battleforce scanners detected the attack so Devon was forced to deploy in his Racer Zord riding the Beast-X King Zord whilst the others confronted Tiaratron. Ravi fought Tiaratron whilst Zoey guarded the Mayor but he was knocked down and nearly overheated but Nate and Steel luckily arrived to take her on. Ravi hung back to cool off whilst they fought and eventually overpowered her. Tiaratron starts attacking Ravi and Zoey, then Nate and Steel arrive but she manages to throw them on the floor. Ravi soon rejoined the fight and morphed into Beast-X Mode whilst Nate and Steel fought her off. Tiaratron was held in place by Nate and Steel and then destroyed by Ravi's Gorilla Slam, a massive punch to the torso from his now massive right arm powerful enough to send her flying back and fatally injure her. The scheme ultimately failed and Evox is exposed.



Tiaratron has the personality of a spoiled princess or a queen and is very aggressive.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Strength: Tiaratron was an extremely powerful Robotron being able to throw off Ravi, Steel and Nate off of her with ease.
  • Durability: Tiaratron took a kick from Nate and only fell for second before getting back up as well as an earlier swing kick from Zoey that barely even made her stumble back.
  • Hand-to-Hand-Combat: Tiaratron easily blocked off all the Ranger attacks with the exception of Ravi's Gorilla Slam with no bother.
  • Flight: Tiaratron can fly or slow her fall using the jet thrusters in her feet.
  • Energy Projectiles: Tiaratron is able to shoot blue tiara-like energy projectiles from her right hand that were strong enough to take down Nate and Steel with one hit to their torsos.


  • Hand Blades: Tiaratron has a small red blade mounted on the back of her left hand and a tiara-styled blade on the back of her right hand for use in combat.

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  • Tiaratron is one of the two Robotrons that are female in the series, the other being Gamertron

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