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MMPR Thunderzords


The Thunderzords are the second zords of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


During Lord Zedd's return to Earth, he created the monster Pirantishead to battle the rangers. During the first encounter, the rangers called on the Dinozords to battle Pirantishead. When the zords arrived, Pirantishead used his powers to freeze the Mastodon, Triceratops, Sabter-tooth tiger, and Pterodactyl Dinozords, leaving them fozen in blocks of ice. He then used his powers to take controll of the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord and later the Dragonzord. During this crises. Zordon and Alpha 5, began work on the creation of the Thunderzords. By using the Dinozords as templates, they would use the "power of thunder" to transform the zords into the "new zords."


In one amazing battle, against Rito Revolto no less, the Power Rangers and their mighty Thunderzords were completely outmatched. After sustaining an intense barrage of attacks from Rita and Zedd's forces, the Power Rangers were ejected from the Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord, crashing to the grass and automatically unmorphing. Then, after they collected their bearings, they watched in helpless astonishment as their Zords exploded in a shower of sparks and fire. All the teens could do was scream in denial as their powers were destroyed. Although it's true that the Rangers had lost their Zords before, this was far more dramatic than when Zedd crippled the Dinozords. Watching the invincible Zords explode, with arms and heads falling from incredible heights to shake the earth with the impact, was more than memorable. After this traumatic loss, the Rangers were stripped bare of all their powers. Their Zords weren't simply frozen, like in "The Mutiny." They were completely and utterly destroyed... beyond salvation. For once, the Rangers were simply outclassed.

Thunderzord Assault Team

  • Length: 31m
  • Width: 30m
  • Weight: 186 tons

Red Dragon Thunderzord


see main article: Tigerzord


  • Length: 110m
  • Weight: 1500 tons
  • Speed: 80 km/h

Red Dragon Thunderzord in Battle Mode

  • Width: 34.5m
  • Weight: 102 tons

Tigerzord in Battle Mode

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Thunder Megazord

  • Height: 54m
  • Weight: 288 tons

Mega Tigerzord

see main article: Mega Tigerzord

  • Width: 63 m
  • Weight: 336 tons

Thunder Ultrazord

  • Height: 62.53 m
  • Weight: 1788 tons

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