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"It's all over now, Rangers!"
―Thunderclaw when he's about to fight the Rangers.[src]

Thunderclaw is a humanoid stag beetle-like demon and is one of the many monsters to be summon by Jinxer. He was created by Jinxer to help Prince Olympius, son of Queen Bansheera, take over Lightspeed Aquabase.

Character History

Thunderclaw was created by Vypra and Jinxer in order to serve as muscle for the invasion of the Aquaase orchestrated by Olympious. He leads a raid of Batlings into the Aquabase, they arrived at the Aquabase but to no avail, they then arrived at the beach and before Olympius was taken back to the Demon Palace due to being weakened by the water while he was battling Carter, Vipra sent Thunderclaw to destroy the Rangers, he was shown to be a lot stronger than previous monsters, but after Carter use the Battle Booster on him, he was weakened enough for the Rangers to use the V-Lanchers to destroy him, Thunderclaw grew large and was finally destroyed by the Lightspeed Solarzord. He was then banished to the Shadow World. Thunderclaw was later seen among the monster in the Shadow World.


Thunderclaw was a monster that loves to toy around with his enemies. However he is very loyal to Olympius.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Thunderclaw is one of the stronger monsters, powerful enough to nearly best all five Lightspeed Rangers in battle.
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat: Thunderclaw is also a skilled figher, being able to take on all five Rangers with ease.
  • Eye Laser: Thunderclaw can fire off green energy lasers from his eyes.


  • Claws: Thunderclaw has clawed hands for combat.
  • Horns: Thunderclaw has a pair of horns behind his head to ram his enemies with.
    • Thunder Beam: Also from the horns behind his head he can fire orange energy beams at his enemies, it is his strongest attack.

Behind the Scenes



  • Unlike his Super Sentai counterpart, Thunderclaw does not posses a Grappling Hook-like weapon.
  • Thunderclaw is the first monster of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue to be based on an insect; in his case, a stag beetle.

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