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For the Cine-Manga, see Power Rangers Ninja Storm Vol. 3: Thunder Strangers.

Thunder Strangers is a three-part episode and the fifth, sixth and seventh episodes of Power Rangers Ninja Storm. This 3-part story introduces the Thunder Rangers as a threat to the Wind Rangers.


Part 1

Cam is in need of the data disc for the Tsunami Cycles, which Dustin had last, but they are unaware that it's not only landed in the hands of the evil Thunder Rangers but has been used to give them their own Tsunami Cycles! This leads to the first confrontation between the Wind and Thunder Rangers, and as if the Wind Rangers didn't have it bad enough, they also face Zurgane! When the Thunder Rangers unveil their own Zords, can the Wind Rangers' own Zords withstand their awesome power?

Part 2

The Wind Rangers recover from their defeat by the Thunder Rangers before the Amphibidor monster attacks, draining the city's water supply - Tori, seeking to morph to take on Amphibidor, sees, and instantly remembers, that the Wind Rangers' Morphers are also being repaired which is the reason why her Morpher isn't with her when she needs it; Blake goes to save her, and in doing so, he's injured. He's taken to the location of Ninja Ops which will come back to haunt the Wind Rangers quite quickly! The Thunder Rangers appear again as the Wind Rangers face the monster, leaving the Wind Rangers thinking that three enemies all at once are now their opponents, but when they instead morph the Wind Rangers into the audience of Amphibidor being destroyed by the powers of Thunder, it becomes a situation of who the Thunder Rangers are really sided with. This second episode in "Thunder Strangers" ends with the Wind Rangers returning to Ninja Ops only to find the Thunder Rangers holding Sensei prisoner, but before they leave Ninja Ops with their target now captured, the Thunder Rangers, through a demorph, reveal their true identities, surprising the Wind Rangers instantly, and then leaving Ninja Ops.

Part 3

As the Evil Space Ninjas celebrate the capture of Sensei Guinea Pig by the Thunder Rangers, the Wind Rangers pinpoint just where Blake and Hunter are taking their mentor. Tracking the evil Rangers to the Mountain of Lost Ninjas, our heroes struggle not only to retrieve Sensei but to fight off the zombie guards around the location of the powerful Gem of Souls! Will both sets of Rangers work together, and will the Thunders learn the truth of the fate of their parents at last? All of this, plus Zurgane unveils his very own Zord!


Part 1

Cam finds the guys fooling around with the computer, and shortly after, the system crashes. Cam asks Dustin for the backup plans of the Tsunami Cycles but Dustin can't find his backpack.

Thanks to the Thunder Rangers, Lothor is now in possession of the Tsunami Cycle specs on CD. Zurgane is yelled at and sent away but vows to prove himself.

The Wind Rangers brainstorm to try and find where Dustin left his backpack - they're interrupted by Cam, who sends them to the quarry when he finds trouble; when the Rangers arrive, however, they can't find anything. The Thunder Rangers strike, leaving the Wind Rangers in awe. Shane tries his flying maneuver but is sent crashing down. The Thunder Rangers whip out their Thunder Staffs. They completely decimate the Rangers and depart.

At Ninja Ops, the Wind Rangers have a million questions for Sensei but he has few answers.

Zurgane calls out the Rangers to prove himself to Lothor. After a brief battle with the Rangers, Lothor transports Zurgane away, but they aren't off the hook yet - the Thunder Rangers are back, with their own Tsunami Cycles, which they utterly destroy the Wind Rangers with the power of.

They show off even further by calling their Zords: Crimson Insectizord and Navy Beetlezord. After a brief individual Zord battle, the Wind Rangers form the Storm Megazord - the Thunder Rangers match them with the Thunder Megazord, which has the upper hand against the Storm Megazord. The Wind Rangers try the Serpent Sword but it has absolutely no effect against the Thunder Megazord. Cam sends the Wind Rangers Power Sphere 04, which is intercepted by the Thunder Megazord. It uses the finisher and brings down the Storm Megazord. The Rangers lay unconscious in the defeated Megazord. Kelly spots Blake and Hunter leaving the scene of the battle. They bring her in saying that the Rangers may need their help. Up in his space fortress, Lothor and his nieces revel in the destruction caused to his enemies by the Thunder Rangers.

Part 2

Blake, Hunter, and Kelly find the Rangers staggering out from the wreckage.

They return to Ninja Ops and give Cam the Morphers for repair. The Zords are repairing themselves.

Zurgane sends down Amphibidor who drains water from the beach - Tori happens to be there and takes on the monster without her Morpher; Blake rides in on his dirt bike and helps Tori out, taking a hit meant for her and going down hard.

She takes him to Ninja Ops where Cam looks over him. Blake feigns unconsciousness to discover the entrance to Ninja Ops.

Later on, Hunter thanks the Rangers for helping out his bro, promising to return the favor some day.

Cam calls the Rangers and tells them that the frog monster has resurfaced at the quarry - the Rangers head there, and get beaten up by the monster. The Thunder Rangers show up - the Wind Rangers think they have to now fight the combined forces of them and Amphibidor but instead the Thunder Rangers briefly fight and destroy the monster, repaying their debt; regardless of who destroys Amphibidor, he is resurrected with the Scroll of Empowerment seconds after.

The Wind Rangers summon the Storm Megazord and destroy him with the Ram Hammer.

When they return to Ninja Ops, they find the Thunder Rangers bullying around Cam. Before leaving with the Sensei, they reveal themselves with a demorph to be Blake and Hunter - the Wind Rangers are in surprise instantly upon seeing this.

Part 3

Lothor's troops celebrate the kidnapping of Sensei - they even make poor Zurgane dance; unfortunately for Lothor, a protective energy barrier Sensei created around himself during his capture lets the Wind Rangers track him down to wherever he is.

The Thunders are taking him to the Mountain of Lost Ninjas, where they can retrieve the Gem of Souls to break the Sensei's energy barrier.

As they ride to the mountains, Tori reflects on her actions but Shane comforts her and tells her that it is not her fault.

When the Thunder Rangers arrive at the Mountain of Lost Ninjas, they have to battle - you guessed it - Lost Ninjas. The Wind Rangers arrive to bail them out. The Winds and Thunders call a truce and team up to fight the undead ninjas. After that's done, the teams battle each other for the Sensei; to add to the mix, Zurgane appears in his very own Zord - in response, Tori summons and pilots the Storm Megazord alone while Dustin and Shane continue fighting the Thunder Rangers. The Wind Rangers are losing but then summon inner strength to make a comeback. Tori takes aim and blasts at Zurgane's Zord with the Dolphin laser. Dustin hurls Shane at the Thunder Rangers for a fastball special. Tori combines Power Spheres 5 (Lion Laser) and 6 (Squid Drill), forming the Turbine Combo, and destroys Zurgane's Zord. The Thunder Rangers use the Thunder Blaster on the Wind Rangers and leave with the Sensei.

The Wind Rangers follow them to the Cavern of Spirits and urge them not to destroy Sensei. Blake and Hunter tell the Wind Rangers that the Sensei killed their parents which is why he must die. Luckily, the ghosts of Blake and Hunter's parents happen to be at the cavern and tell them that it was actually Lothor who killed them. Speaking of Lothor, he shows up at the cavern and attacks the Rangers. Hunter uses the gem to deflect the blast, seemingly destroying Lothor.

Sensei and Cam go to the ocean where Cam disposes of the shattered Gem of Lost Souls lest it fall into evil hands.

After missing practice, Shane and Dustin wonder where Blake and Hunter went - Tori tells them that they've left; Blake and Hunter walk off into the mountains unsure of their destiny.


DVD/VHS Release


Part I

  • Lothor says that a Ranger can only be destroyed when in "full Ranger form", a statement that had and would be proven to be untrue many times in the franchise - however, this could be exclusive to the Ninja Rangers and their unique powers.
  • Power Sphere 04: Spin Blade strangely was introduced before Power Sphere 03: Turtle Mace - the Turtle Mace is not introduced until "Snip It, Snip It Good".
  • The Power Disc used to summon Power Sphere 04: Spin Blade was blue when arriving in Shane's cockpit but then turned crimson upon being stolen by the Thunder Rangers.

Part II

  • Amphibidor was apparently destroyed by the Power Sphere 03: Ram Hammer alone - however the monster was shown being struck by the Ram Hammer/Turtle Mace Flail Combo and, before his destruction, Storm Megazord is also shown repelling the next set of Polytrons Amphibidor unleashes after his first set with the Flail Combo.
  • After the Thunder Rangers arrive, the zippers on Hunter’s boots can clearly be seen.

Part III

  • Hunter mistakenly calls the Thunder Blaster the Thunderstorm Cannon - interestingly, many episodes later, a Thunderstorm Cannon will prove to exist through the combination of the Wind Rangers' Storm Striker and the Thunder Rangers' Thunder Blaster.
  • During the scene in which Blake and Hunter are heading toward the mountains, Blake's Morpher is shown to be open.


  • Amphibidor, for the reason of mockery, references the original morphing call of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - "It's not morphin time after all, is it?"
  • Part II is the last time the Thunder Rangers each speak with a deepened voice while morphed as they would speak with just their regular voices while morphed from the next episode onward.
  • Part III marks the first appearances of the Power Sphere 05: Lion Laser and Power Sphere 06: Squid Drill as well as their Turbine Combo combination.
  • Tori begins to have romantic feelings for Blake in Part II.
  • Lothor states at the beginning of Part III that one should not just wake up one morning and decide to conquer a planet, a possible reference to the first ever Power Rangers villain Rita Repulsa who, after emerging from 10,000 years of captivity, immediately began a campaign for control over Earth.
  • Part I marks the debut of the Thunder Megazord.
  • Jorgito Vargas, Jr (Blake) and Adam Tuominen (Hunter) are added to the opening credits in Part III.
  • Part III marks the first appearance of the Gem of Souls, which, even when broken into pieces, holds incredible powers.
  • The Gem of Souls is broken into five fragments. Cam disposes of three of the fragments into the ocean unaware that Hunter kept the last two for personal reasons. The two remaining fragments would not resurface until "A Gem of a Day" as well as Hunter's reason for keeping them.
  • Hunter and Blake reappear in "Return of Thunder".
  • Part III marks the first time Hunter and Blake are depicted morphing onscreen.
  • Part I mark the first appearance of Power Sphere 04: Spin Blade.
  • Part III marks the first time one of the Wind Rangers pilots the Storm Megazord on his/her own, with Tori being the first to pilot the Storm Megazord alone.

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