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"As you command, sire."
―Thunder Needle Psyma Beast Raima's first words.

Thunder Needle Psyma Beast Raima (雷針サイマ獣ライマ Raishin Saimajū Raima, 8) is a skeletal Psyma Beast under Dark King Zylpheeza.

Character History

Raima is sent out to cause a massive disaster within Capital City, shooting off his spikes and causing lightning strikes that lead to fires and destruction throughout the city. GoGoFive head off to face it initially, but become heavily damaged due to Matoi disobeying the orders of Kenji Inui, the fire commissioner, when he orders him to stop Raima instead of saving civilians. This act leads to Inui forcing Mondo to shut down GoGoFive's technology, which leads to Raima having another rampage through the city until he realizes the good that the team does in their protection of the people instead of merely just fighting the monster. The team make quick work of Raima with their technology returned and destroy it with the Life Bird.

After Pierre revives it, Raima tries to electrocute Victory Robo, but the team decides to use it against him by throwing their arms on top of Raima; the subsequent lightning strike hits the mecha but flows through it and down the arms to Raima stunning it long enough to be struck by Victory Prominence and be fully destroyed.


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Powers and Abilities


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His main ability is the control of lightning, doing so by firing off spikes on his body to any target of his choosing; anyplace struck by the spikes becomes a lightning rod which a bolt can shoot down from the sky electrocuting it.

Behind the Scenes


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Concept Art


  • His name comes from the kanji for "thunder demon" (雷魔).


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