This article is about a/an henshin devices in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger.

Thrusting Transformation BraThrottle (正拳変身ブレスロットル Seiken Henshin Buresurottoru): The personal changer of a Tokkyou which allows him/her to change into a Dekasuit. Much like any Dekaranger, the transformation call is "Emergency!" (イマージェンシー Imājenshī), followed by a call of their Dekaranger codename (i.e. Tetsu's DekaBreak). When the throttle is turned it enables for the user to use specialized punch based attacks. The BraceThrottle has built in Communicator and Judgement Mode functions as well. In given times, the device is also used as a life support system and fire extinguisher. It can also fire purple energy beams for range attacks.

Lisa, who is also a Tokkyou, also possesses a BraceThrottle of her own, although hers has a slightly different design, featuring a more gold-colored Brace Throttle, as well as her Roman Numeral and an add-on to make it different that Tetsu's. Lisa's transformation call is "Emergency! DekaBright!".

At the climax of the Legend War, the BraceThrottle as a transformation device was made redundant when DekaBreak sacrificed his powers with the rest of the first 34 Super Sentai to destroy the invasion force of the Space Empire Zangyack. Resurfacing a Ranger Key, the power of DekaBreak would be used by the Gokaigers to assume the form via the Gokai Change. Ultimately, the Gokaigers returned their borrowed powers to their rightful owners after overthrowing Zangyack.

BraceThrottle Techniques


  • Throttle Techniques:
    • Speed Increase
      • High Speed-Fist: Lightning Fist (高速拳: ライトニングフィスト Kōsoku-ken: Raitoningu Fisuto): where he let's out a barrage of punches.
      • Super High Speed-Fist: Super Lightning Fist (超高速拳: スーパーライトニングフィスト Chō Kōsoku-ken: Supaa Raitoningu Fisuto): where he let's out a powerful left punch sending enemies flying.
    • Strength Increase
      • Herculean-Fist: Power Fist (剛力拳: パワーフィスト Gōriki-ken: Pawā Fisuto): where his left hand began to glow green, then has an increased in strength in which it's strong enough to lift a tower.
      • Super Herculean-Fist: Super Power Fist (超豪力拳: スーパーパワーフィスト Chō Gōriki-ken: Supaa Pawā Fisuto): where he let's out a powerful punch.
    • Shockwave Attack
      • Blitzkrieg-Fist: Electro Fist (電撃拳: エレクトロフィスト Dengeki-ken: Erekutoro Fisuto): where his left hand began to glow yellow, then he punched the ground letting out an electrical spark that strikes the opponent.
      • Super Blitzkrieg-Fist: Hyper Electro Fist (超電撃拳: エレクトロフィスト Chō Dengeki-ken: Haipā Erekutoro Fisuto): where his left hand is covered in electricty, before doing a powerful uppercut.
    • Fireball Attack
      • Scorching-Fist: Fire Fist (灼熱拳: ファイアフィスト Shakunetsu-ken: Faia Fisuto): where his left hand began to glow red, then let's out a stream of flames or used as a fire punch.
    • Cyclone Blast
      • Tornado-Fist: Tornado Fist (竜巻拳: トルネードフィスト Tatsumaki-ken: Torunēdo Fisuto): where his left began to glow blue then shoots out a blast of a miniature tornado against an opponent.
    • Fire Extinguisher
      • Spray-Fist: Impulse Fist (噴射拳: インパルスフィスト Funsha-ken: Inparusu Fisuto): where he shoots out a blue energy beam that extinguishes flames.
      • Super Spray-Fist: Super Impulse Fist (超噴射拳: スーパーインパルスフィスト Chō Funsha-ken: Sūpā Inparusu Fisuto)
  • Deletion Techniques:
    • Certain Kill-Fist: Sonic Hammer (必殺拳: ソニックハンマー Hissatsu-ken: Sonikku Hanmā): Flying downward Punch Finisher (Tetsu's default deletion attack).
    • High Speed-Fist: Lightning Upper (高速拳: ライトニングアッパー Kōsoku-ken: Raitoningu Appā): a powerful Uppercut Finisher (Active while Tetsu is using Super Lighting Fist).
    • Flash-Fist: Plasma Fist (閃光拳: プラズマフィスト Senkō-ken: Purazuma Fisuto): Rushing Punch Finisher (seen in the DekaRed vs. DekaBreak special).
    • Shining Fist (シャイニングフィスト Shainingu Fisuto): A rapid-fire Punch attack when being launched from the MagiLamp Buster (seen in Magiranger vs. Dekaranger). Unfortunately, Tetsu had to deal with Smoky the Magical Cat first.


  • Throttle Techniques
    • Fire Extinguisher
      • Spray-Fist: Impulse Fist (噴射拳: インパルスフィスト Funsha-ken: Inparusu Fisuto)
    • Electric Attack:
      • Lightning Attack-Fist: Thunder Fist (雷撃拳: サンダーフィスト Raigeki-ken: Sandā Fisuto)
    • Force Field:
      • Protection-Fist: Barrier Fist (防護拳: バリアフィスト Bōgo-ken: Baria Fisuto), where she pulled out a blue energy shield using the Brace Throttle.
  • Deletion Techniques
    • Supreme-Fist: Highest Hammer (至高拳: ハイエストハンマー Shikō-ken: Haiesuto Hanmā): Energy Orb Blast Finisher.

Transformation Sequence




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