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Three Headed Dragon of Darkness

  • Hazard Level: 750

The Three Headed Dragon of Darkness (闇の三ッ首竜 Yami no Mikkubiryū) is a scepter with the engraving of a three-headed dragon upon it's top, stated to possess a powerful dark energy within it and the power to unleash a wave of darkness from space upon the world. The Precious can only be utilized by those with the proper darkness within their hearts. Seeing this as the power he needed to finally rule the world, Ryuuwon headed to the temple where the artifact had been sealed alongside the most powerful Wicked Dragon he could create: the eccentric Tagargin. However in the midst of the Boukengers' battle, the staff appears to leave the temple and fly underground away from everyone. When it finally returns, it lands in the hand of Masumi, long believed to have possessed a darkness within him by Yaiba and manipulated by the former Dark Shadow ninja to allow for Bouken Black to finally release it's true potential.

The power of the scepter allows for Masumi to gain increased strength from his latent potential but he initially rejects it but does not store it away seeing the power it possesses. Yaiba continues to tempt and taunt Masumi to take the Precious, seeing that he is the only one who can use it properly as opposed to even the former Dark Shadow ninja. When Masumi finally does take the Precious after finally realizing it's potential, Yaiba ultimately manipulates him to create a dome to prevent the other Boukengers from saving him, while sending a mass of dark energy towards Earth in hopes of coating the world in darkness where only those with darkness within them can survive. However, Masumi finally realizes the light that existed with his connection between himself and the other Boukengers, allowing him to reject the scepter and release himself from it's control to finish off Yaiba forever while the other Boukengers destroy the darkness mass with Ultimate DaiBouken. Though he allows for his teammates to collect the Precious, he leaves the team in order to find his true self. Task 45: The Evilest Wicked Dragon Task 46: The Awakened Darkness

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