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Three Fist Demons

The Three Fist Demons (三拳魔 San Kenma) are the opposing force to the Fist Sages, based at the Confrontation Beast Mountain (臨獣山, Rinjū Zan) which the Confrontation Beast Hall is built on. The three who composed this group were all originally human under the teachings of Brusa Ee along with the future Fist Sages.

But their opposing ideals of fear and rage as an ideal source of power, combined with Maku's grudge against their mentor, led to them mastering the Beast-Man Wicked Body Change that turned them into their current forms prior to murdering Brusa Ee and becoming founding masters of the Akugata itself, with a high need for mass amounts of Confrontation Ki as a result of their transformation and level of power.

Losing the Fierce-Confrontation Rebellion, the Fist Demons were killed by the Fist Sages using the Virtuous Beast Sword after sacrificing their humanity in the process. Once their bodies were sealed away, the Fist Demons' souls were each sealed within a ring of the Fist Demon Bracelet (拳魔の腕輪, Kenma no Udewa) created by the Fist Sages, which serves as a medium for the three to communicate with others at certain times. But every 5,000 years, the Bracelet's power could be sealed if the item is brought to sacred grounds of the Beast Origin Village.

Miki attempted this task but Makirika's interference allowed the item to fall into Rio's possession, using it to speak to the Fist Demons. After obtaining the three final True Poison fangs from Braco, Rio began to resurrect the Fist Demons, starting with Kata, to train him. Mele, fearing for Rio's sanity due to Kata's training, managed to revive Rageku for Rio to train from instead. Both Kata and Rageku have no intent to fight again and saw Rio and Mele as the ones to carry their legacy in their stead.

Maku however, whose resurrection was much harder to perform as his heart was removed from his body, refused to retire and upon being revived, took over and declared a second Fierce-Confrontation Rebellion, with Rageku and Kata once more following Maku out of fear of Maku's great rage.

In the end, all three are killed once again as Long had planned. However, as Jan now possesses the Fist Demons' Bracelet, the three Fist Demons offer their aid, appearing to the Gekirangers in their original human forms, to master their fighting styles to end Long's evil once and for all.

Sky Fist Demon Kata

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Sea Fist Demon Rageku

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Land Fist Demon Maku

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