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"Wild Instinct, Awaken!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

The Three Beasts Awakening Zyuoh The Light (三獣覚醒ジュウオウザライト Sanjū Kakusei Jūō Za Raito, pun between triple (三重 Sanjū) and beast (獣 )) is the flashlight-based transformation and Zyuoh Cube summoning device of Zyuoh The World.

Cube Layout

  • Side 1: Crocodile
  • Side 2: Rhinos
  • Side 3: Wolf
  • Side 4: Combination


"The World!"
―Transformation Standby announcement [src]

―Generic Transformation sound[src]

"OHHHHHH~! OH~! (animal name)!"
―Visor Up Transformation sound[src]

To change into any of his forms, Zyuoh The World presses the button at the device's base, shout "Wild Instinct, Awaken!" (本能覚醒 Honnō Kakusei), turns the cube to the corresponding side, and then presses the button a second time to initiate the transformation.  When switching between his forms, Zyuoh The World typically points the aperture towards his opponents, using the flash of light it produces to blind them long enough for him to safely transform.  


―Summoning Standby announcement for Zyuoh Cube[src]

"Cu~be (animal name)!"
―Simmoning announcement [src]

To first summon the Zyuoh Cubes from Zyuoh The Light, Zyuoh The World presses the button on the bottom of the hilt twice, and then rotates the Changer's cube to the Rhinos side, after which Cube Rhinos, carrying Cubes Crocodile and Wolf, would come from a quarry.


"Rhinos! Crocodile! Wolf!"
―Combination Standby announcement for Tousai Zyuoh[src]

"9! 7! 8! Tou~sai~ Zyu~oh~!"
―Combination announcement for Tousai Zyuoh[src]

"Eagle! Shark! Lion! Elephant! Tiger! Gorilla! Crocodile! Wolf! Rhinos! Kirin! Mogura! Kuma! Komori!"
―Combination Standby for Wild Tousai King[src]

"3! 4! 9! 5! 2! 7! 8! 6! 1! Wild Tousai Kin~g~!"
―Combination announcement for Wild Tousai King[src]

To combine his Zyuoh Cubes, Zyuoh The World presses the button on the bottom of the hilt three times and rotates the Changer's cube to its combination face.

Finishing Strike

When in the mecha, Zyuoh The World rotates the cube to the world emblem and places it into the panel which results in a final blow to the opponent. This is the same side used to combine.

Zyuoh Cube Search

"Zyuoh Cube Search!"
―Activation announcement[src]
In the DX version of Zyuoh The Light, pressing and holding down the button on the bottom of the hilt activates Zyuoh Cube Search, where the user presses the button every time an animal sound is heard.

Other Functions

Aside from a flashlight and transformation device, the Zyuoh The Light can also emit a purple laser beam that Zyuoh The World can utilize as a blade. 


  • It is the first changer to be based on a flashlight.
  • It is the only transformation device of the Zyuohgers that is not created from a King's Credential of any form, instead being created by Ginis using a piece of Azald's body.



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