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Three's a Crowd is the twentieth episode of Power Rangers Wild Force.


Danny competes for Kendall's affection while the Rangers try to find Wedding Dress Org and his captives. Kendall discovers that Danny is the Black Ranger and inspires him to single handedly turn the tide against the Org. In the end, Danny's life doesn't allow them to be together.


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While tracking down the bride-swiping Wedding Dress Org, Danny bumps into his old love interest, Kendall. Old feelings resurface, as well as jealousy when he discovers she's dating a snobbish yuppie named Colin. While fighting the Org and trying to save Kendall's life, Danny is faced with the decision which will lead to his secret identity being exposed. Will he choose true love over saving the world, and will Kendall choose true love over being filthy rich?




  • Wedding Dress Org had a feminine appearance and voice, but was continually referred to as a male.
  • During his fight with Wedding Dress Org, one of the shots of Danny is mirror flipped (as evidenced by the layout of his Ranger costume).
  • The Wild Force Megazord suddenly transformed into Sword and Shield Mode between shots.

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