• From what I've read, you're the Template guy I presume? I've gotten myself applying Complex Sentai Ranger infoboxes in order to use the tabber tag for multiple images (landed myself into hot water recently for that!) and I've noticed that the infobox doesn't register CSS colours as a "parameter" to alter the infobox's colour (something like ShadeOfColour) unlike its Non-Complex counterpart. I'm wondering if you can adapt the code from the Non-Complex infobox over to the Complex one? font and CSS in div tags are getting obsolete nowadays as we move on to HTML5.

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    • It's possible, but scalability is what I hope to achieve with the div tags since Kamen Rider Wiki is the originator of that. We use it because things like in Kamen Rider are dynamic and multiple users can use multiple Rider forms. Having it predefined and static will give me a headache to be quite honest.

      Shade of Color was dropped fairly early and is never used over on the other hub Wikis. I'll look into it and get back to you.

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    • Alright, Ryousha. Good to know a bit of background behind it! Got cumbersome trying to put in the tags manually.

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