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    03:49, April 27, 2014

    Your animal Sentai categories are not needed, and you in fact violated one of our main rules by restoring pages which had been deleted - reverting administrator edits is forbidden under any circumstances, you should discuss it on a talk page or the forum. Since you did this not once, but three times, I have no choice but to block you. We'll see you in two weeks.

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    • 1. The pages were deleted long time ago. 2. I didn't revert anything. I write a completely new content. 3. There is no deleted reason was given in neither page warning or talk page. "Housekeeping" is not a valid reason.

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    • 4. How can I know if admin think what content is "needed" and "not needed"? Standard of existence of a content is merely in admin's mind? Admin can freely delete a page just because he doesn't like it, even though it doesn't violate any rules?

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    • Really, it comes down to, "is there enough info or pages that require a new page?". Category pages are made for sorting and filing. So if not enough pages are around that people feel need to be sorted into their own category, chances are it will be deleted.

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    • 1. It doesn't matter how long ago. We decided two years ago that animal categories were not needed.

      2. Irrelevant. Remaking a deleted page is reverting the action of deleting that page. And it goes back to the first point.

      3. Housekeeping is a valid reason. It means we're keeping the place tidy by removing clutter.

      4. Actually, we discussed this behind the scenes on Google Chat, it wasn't solely my decision to delete them, I got a second opinion first.

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    • Then why couldn't we have a public discussion, insteads of a secret conference among admins which led to a vague conclusion like "not needed"?

      Seriously, why can't you give clearer deleting reasons like "vandalism", "fake", "copyright violation", "unwikify", "poorly written", etc. like other serious Wiki pages do? What does "not needed" even mean? Who doesn't need it? The wikia itself? Admins? Wikia readers?

      And why is animal category not needed? It is the most common motif of Super Sentai.

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    • You can talk. If you see "Warning: This page was previously deleted", you do not make the page without getting consensus. End of. I also purged those villain categories you made which have no official basis.

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    • "Housekeeping" only means that admin were sweeping tracks (aka. vandalism or poor quality). There is no given reason to indicate the problem, and I don't see anything wrong with it either.

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    • What part of not needed are you having difficulties understanding? When an admin deletes something, and the edit history says Housekeeping or Not needed, those are the reasons they aren't needed. Do you even take a minute to look at things from the perspective of the admin(s) who delete these categories and pages? What possible reasons can you come up with as to why an admin would do such a thing?

      Here's what I can come up off the top of my head: 1) Avoids duplication of categories, as has recently been done; 2) Not very many pages would fit into a category, thus such a category loses its worthiness and purpose; 3) Pages overly cluttered with categories, remember this is an encyclopedia not a data organization website; 4) Re-creates page an admin has already deemed unnecessary, why does passage of time make it any more necessary now? And this in light of it being a rule that you do not revert an admin edit? 5) Are these categories here to help the wiki, or are they here just to make edits? In other words, is this something you're doing to actually help the wiki in some way that it isn't being helped already or is this just to be making edits? An edit with no real need or purpose is something not needed and therefore deleted. And that's just 5 to start off with. If you've made it even this far, would YOU make the categories?

      And why do you feel so self-entitled as to deserve your categories when they aren't needed, an admin believes they aren't needed, and they've been deleted not only this time but previously as well? Why do you feel whining about it on a talk page is going to help? You asked for a reason. You were given a reason. This is no excuse to talk back to the admins. If you wanted to have a public discussion then explain to me why you feel it is acceptable to come out guns blazing when you ask for an answer and then get it? Specifically this - "Admin can freely delete a page just because he doesn't like it, even though it doesn't violate any rules?". Read rule #1: "No reverting an administrator's edit. If you wish to discuss an admin's edit, you may take it to a talk page for civil discussion. However if the admin turns out correct, then the edit stands" The page in question DID violate the rules - thats why it was once again deleted!

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    • 1. From what I understood, the old page was poorly written, and admin was sweeping it, so I create a new page with better qualify. I didn't think that the admin just think "it is not nedded".

      2. Reason "not needed" doesn't exist on any other Wiki. The closest reason is "Notability", which usually require a 7-day-or-more nomination for delete.

      3. My edits were not vandalism. It were not to poke, harass or hurt admins or anyone else. It is completely well-intended and harmless. I don't know why you have to strict to "No reverting an administrator's edit".

      4. And I don't even know why that rule exists. Admin job is to maintain and protect the wiki, not to dictate it. Why is an admin's edit superior to an user's edit, if they are just pure opinions? If I think GaoLion is male, and an admin thinks GaoLion is female, his edit stands just because he is an admin?

      5. If you don't want the deleted page to be recreated, just lock it up. If not, it is the deleter's responsibility to explain why he wants to delete the page, not the writer's responsibility to explain why he wants to create the page.

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    • 1. The old page was deleted because we weren't going to categorize that as it wasn't needed.
      2. It does on this one - get used to it. You should also know this wiki has its own rules - it does not use those of others. If other wikis want to have a 7 day or more nomination for delete, good for them. We don't have it and do not use it.
      3. No one said they were vandalism. The categories were either not needed, or re-creations of deleted categories because they weren't needed.
      4. If we allowed people to needlessly revert admin edits, then we have no control over our wiki - the very thing admins are supposed to have. We cannot maintain and protect the wiki when we tell people something isn't needed and get told in no uncertain terms "up yours". When an admin tells you something, you listen to what they are telling you. Odds are, you simply don't understand why the admin deleted something in the first place, so you ask. Once the admin says why, that's it. End of the story.
      5. It is not our job to lock pages to prevent creation. It is, however, the user's responsibility as editors of this wiki to follow the rules set forth for this wiki. If you or any other editor decides the rules are beneath them and act on their wishes without regard, they WILL be punished for it - up to and including a permaban where necessary. SO when we make a rule that reverting admin edits is a blockable offense, and you decide it shouldn't be that way and re-create a deleted page because you disagree with the deletion, then you are in violation of the rules and should expect to be punished accordingly. If you do not like how we do things here, you are welcome to create your own wikia or go to another one - it will not hurt us either way. The best way for everyone is to play nicely and follow the rules.

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    • That said, this thread is hereby done. Thread closed.

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