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    20:57, September 3, 2016

    I was having a problem with your fellow adminstator Kurobina Yuki.

    I was trying to adjust the Yokai watch wiki page of Supyo( saying he was proficient with his water sword) and Kurobina Yuki kept changing it back.

    I di not realize this until i checked the notifications and previoisly thought it was a bug. He has banned me until 22:50 today and has simply yelled at me telling me to go away when i try to contact him on other wikis. 

    I send you this post for two reasons.

    Please talk to Yuki and try to discuss what is happening as he no longer listens to me, and i told him i would try not to bother him.

    Secondly I would like ou tu adjust how the wiki handles banning, primarily how i cannot ask for help or say anything about it once i have been banned.

    A suggestion i have is that there is a private message box on the wiki we can talk about this. 

    Thank you for your time. 

    P.S. i do not have a signature but my username is Yerwt.

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