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"Talk about miracle growth!"
―Trinoid´s words when grown by the Hydro-Regenerator[src]
"Think I'll try out my swing. Don't try this at home!"
―Thornox´s last words before of his attack[src]
Thornox (baby)

Thornox is a leech/gentiana/lapis lazuli monster. Appears in Disappearing Act.

Character History

When Elsa creates Thornox, he is but a baby plant. When Mesogog demands a finished product, she goes to get some green ooze, which is also used by the Black Ranger to demorph, but he makes a disappearing act and is stuck invisible because of it. Elsa uses the ooze to make Thornox mature into a fullgrown monster. Thornox fights alongside the evil White Ranger, and then after he is defeated by Super Dino Mode, he is then defeated by the Mezodon Megazord.

Powers and Abilities


  • Golf balls: He has golf balls that can multiply and explote in the enemies.
  • Thorns-shoulders: Combined with lapis lazuli, he can grown the thorns in his shoulders.
  • Lianas: He can shoot lianas and trapped to his enemies.

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