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Thorn Ant Evo (トゲアリシンカ Togearishinka, 30) is the ant-theme Evolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire

Character History

Thorn Ant Evo was created specifically by General Kar when he comes to an understanding that the Dynaman must be studied and understood in order to create strategies and means to defeat them. Making it watch footage of all of the Jashinka battles up to that point, the Evolution Beast creates various strategies and deals with the Dynaman one after another while being graded by Megiddo and Chimera, including using a Jashinka logo badge to defeat DynaBlack's Shadow Clones, earplugs to stop Pink Shocking Melody and a magnet to defeat DynaRed's simultaneous usage of two DynaSwords. When it tries to stop the Dynaman's Mach Dash, the team changes into a surrounding strategy, making it weaken for a moment and retreat to restudy.

As it restudies, Thorn Ant Evo grows five color thorns on its body which it uses from its studying and ambitions to attack the Dynaman and weaken them in their next battle in order to seal their abilities. While thinking it can finally handle the Dynaman, the team uses new moves they learned while studying with Dr. Yumeno to easily knock it aside, then crush it until they weaken it with Super Dynamite. Thorn Ant Evo briefly tries to return to its strategy after Big Bang Progress but gives up and instead tries to use a darkness move to hide itself. The Dynaman use DynaRobo's spotlight through its eye and DynaFlash to weaken it before finishing it off with Lightning Gravity Fall.


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Modus and Arsenal

Thorn Ant Evo has power to fight and the ability to create darkness in order to hide within it (which isn't displayed until after it undergoes Big Bang Progress). Its greatest asset is its mind, which allows for it to study and understand the Dynaman's strategies, while growing special "thorns" on its body to weaken the Dynaman over time as it continues to understand. It also uses a giant pencil capable of being used as an explosive as part of its studies and combat and briefly uses a special shovel-pickaxe hybrid staff immediately after Big Bang Progress, but abandons it when it decides to stop using its mind for combat. It can also emit body thorns and control them via its mind, have said thorns emit electricity, fire rockets from its mouth, and change its size.


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Behind the Scenes

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