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"Dr. Hinelar! (......) Leave it all to me, Dr. Hinelar!"
―Thorn-Needle Nezilar's first words

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Character History

A Psycho-Nezilar whose power grew stronger from the thorns on his hand. Through a bus that was used as part of a Study Seminar scam, it was connected with Hinelar City where Thorn-Needle Nezilar attached a small, mind-controlling earring to people, which then sent them back to attack other people to spread the earrings so they could become residents of Hinelar City. Among his victims included Kenta and his classmate Shintaro, causing them to serve Dr. Hinelar and attack their friends. This happened until Shun Namiki and Chisato Jougasaki destroyed the earrings. As a giant, though at first he tried to numb the Megarangers inside the Mega Voyager with his thorns, when Thorn-Needle Nezilar's thorns were destroyed, he lost most of his power, allowing the Mega Voyager to finish him off.


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Modus and Arsenal

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  • Thorn-Needle Nezilar were designed by character designer Miharu Shimojo.

Behind the Scenes

  • Thorn-Needle Nezilar was portrayed by Yoshimasa Chida
  • Thorn-Needle Nezilar's suit is a retool of Crocodile Nezire 1's suit

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