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"No! My invisibility circuits!"
―Thieftron's first words after being shot in the back by Ravi's Beast-X Blaster and forced to decloak.[src]
"My future’s been stolen!"
―Thieftron’s final words before his death.[src]

Thieftron is a thief-themed Robotron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers season 2.

Character History

To strengthen the resurrected monsters, Scrozzle created Thieftron off screen and had him steal diamonds from Coral Harbor stores. By the time the news was reporting about the stolen diamonds, Thieftron already stole from three jewellery stores. Sensing a pattern from the stolen stores, Ravi has himself along with Devon and Zoey stake out Diamonds of Distinction. They see an invisible Thieftron walk out thanks to their binoculars, and fire at him with his Beast-X Blaster, shorting out his invisibility. Before Thieftron could escape on foot with the diamonds, Devon grabbed them from him thanks to his Cheetah Speed. Knowing that he couldn't go back to the Crystal Dimension, for fear of being destroyed, he stood his ground and prepared to fight. After the trio morph, they summoned their Beast-X Visors and activated Beast-X Mode, preventing Thieftron from escaping by kicking him down. Running scared, Theftron tries to jump to safety but Zoey took him down with the Jackrabbit Spin Kick and Ravi knocked him flat with his Gorilla Slam (utilising a massive grey pipe to throw at him). Devon then destroyed him with the Beast-X King Ultra Bow's Beast-X King Power Bolt.

Although Thieftron was destroyed, Scozzle used the diamonds he had already taken to the Crystal Dimension to resurrect Goldar into Goldar Maximus.


He is both elegant and sneaky. He is graceful on his feet but when he got cornered by the Rangers, he got cocky and tried to fight them off without knowledge of their Beast-X Mode powers and was easily defeated.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength-Thieftron was able to smash three jewelry stores worth of display cases quickly and apparently quietly.
  • Durability: Thieftron took a blast on the back from Ravi's Beast-X Blaster but was unfazed.
  • Invisibility: Thieftron can turn invisible to stay hidden from others while robbing jewelry stores.


  • Cane: Thieftron is armed with a cane in battle.

Behind the Scenes



  • Thieftron is the only Robotron to have five eyes (four on his head and one on his chest).
  • Thieftron was originally destroyed by the Lio Attaché which was never adapted into Power Rangers for unknown reasons (possibly because they may not have had the prop). The Beast-X King Ultra Bow is more of a spiritual counterpart than a direct one.

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