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"Rangers. There's an incoming Gigadrone in Sector Juliet A3."
Commander Shaw telling Nate and Steel of Thiefdrone's approach.[src]

Thiefdrone is the final Alpha Model Gigadrone in Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 which was created from the data of Thieftron.

Character History

Thiefdrone was deployed shortly after Thieftron's demise by Scrozzle and sent to attack Sector Juliet A3. The Gigadrone Detectors picked up on it but, with Ravi, Zoey, and Devon protecting Elite Diamond Manufacturing, Nate and Steel had to fight it alone so they formed the Striker Megazord. Thiefdrone arrived and they prepared to take it out but Thiefdrone dodged its Rapid Blast and stole away its blaster. It overwhelmed the Striker Megazord with these but Nate summoned the Beast-X King Activator and summoned the Beast-X King Zord. It unleashed a devastating stream of fire which knocked it back and made it drop the weapons. The Striker Megazord recovered them and destroyed Thiefdrone with the Striker Hyper Blast.


Much like its Robotron counterpart, Thiefdrone is a sneaky and conniving Gigadrone able to steal anything whenever it wishes.

Powers and Abilities

  • Durability: Thiefdrone took a hit from the Beast-X King Zord's devastating Mane Fire Blast, but was unfazed.
  • Agility: Thiefdrone was agile enough to avoid the Striker Megazord's Rapid Blast and steal its weapons.
  • Skilled Hand to Hand Combatant and Thief: Thiefdrone was very effective and skilled in hand to hand combats and thieving.


  • Fists: Although mostly unarmed, Thiefdrone can fight with its fists.
  • Jet Zord Blaster: After dodging the Striker Megazord's Rapid Blast, Thiefdrone stole its blaster and used it against Nate and Steel.


  • Thiefdrone is the final Alpha Model in the entire series.

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