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Character History

The most powerful Beast Warrior that Sir Cowler has hunted down, captured from planet Belda. This gorilla-shaped monster possesses five mask-like faces but has a "compartmentalized mind"; the mind is split but works together towards the same goal ultimately. When it first emerges, Jin appears to destroy it with his Red Vul, but the five mask fly towards them; four attach to Jin's teammates while Red Flash destroys the fifth with his Prism Holy Sword. However with the other four attached, they become monstrous in appearance and all turn against Jin and attack him, whether in human or Flashman forms. However, the plan starts to backfire when Ley Wanda is sent down (presumably by Lee Keflen) to take his own claim in defeating Jin instead of by his brainwashed teammates. The clashing of Jin's Prism Holy Sword and Wanda's Killer Saber ends up disrupting The Zeragill's powers and force it's masks off his teammates; Red Flash continues to pursue until a combination of the energy of his and Wanda's swords finally disable it. After being destroyed by the Rolling Vulcan, the Beast Warrior is ultimately taken down by Great Titan.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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