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Character History

A jailer-type Beast Warrior used in Execution City initially under the control of the Alien Hunters, including Sir Cowler and the city controller Shibehl. It's ability is the creation of shackles that can capture anyone and becomes impossible to remove on their own. However while created for the Alien Hunters, Lee Keflen decides to resieze the Beast Warrior's control for himself in order to use all the humans captured within the city as subjects to transform into new Beast Warriors. The Zehgul ultimately uses it's powers to shackle Jin (who had been captured within the city) and Cowler together forcing them to war against one another until a repentant Shibehl, who had been influenced by Earth stories brought from his abduction, unchains the two in a battle to free those within the city. The Flashman make short work of The Zehgul with Rolling Vulcan, then with Flash King.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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