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The Wrath is the nineteenth episode of Power Rangers Super Megaforce, the second season of Power Rangers Megaforce. This episode marks the final appearance of Levira as well as the Megaforce and Super Megaforce Zords.

More than a week after its US premiere, an extended episode which comprised of both The Wrath and Legendary Battle aired with extra scenes and dialogue.


Believing that the Earth is no longer threatened, Orion returns home but not without making his heartbreaking farewell to the Mega Rangers. But Gosei intercepts a message from the Emperor Mavro, head of the Armada, suggesting he is preparing a new invasion.[1]


Orion believes that Earth is now completely safe and decides to return to his home planet Andresia. Ernie and the Rangers (especially Emma) are sad to see Orion go and gives him a bag of mementos. Orion then leaves Earth on his Armada ship.

Meanwhile, in order to destroy the Rangers and conquer Earth, Emperor Mavro decides to send every Armada ship in the galaxy to attack the planet. Levira is given a chance to redeem herself so she creates her own Megazord and goes after the Rangers. When Gosei tells the Rangers about Mavro's plans, Troy says that even though they will have to face thousands of enemies, they have every Power Ranger in history fighting beside them.

The Rangers, with the help of Legendary Ranger mode, easily defeat Levira and the Royal Guard with no major trouble at all but it is revealed that Emperor Mavro used Levira to buy the Armada ships time to reach Earth. Armada ships then fully cloud the sky and begin to destroy the city with powerful laser beams. The Rangers combine every Legendary Zord they have in their arsenal and effectively destroy most of the ships but a bigger second wave of ships arrive and destroys all of the Rangers' Zords before sending their Legendary Megazord crashing to the ground. The Armada Mothership shoots on the Megazord, blowing it to pieces, sending the Rangers flying and falling to the ground unconscious. At the same time, Orion listens to Mavro's threatening messages in his ship.

With the Rangers knocked out, Emperor Mavro sends a final message to humanity, telling them that the Armada will be taking over the planet once and for all because of the Earthlings' strong resistance against the Armada. He then declares that the Armada will finish the job the next day at dawn.


Legendary Ranger Modes

New Powers and Mighty Morphin Red

(Additional Legendary Ranger Modes appear in the The Legendary Battle: Extended Edition)

  • This episode marks the only time the Super Mega Rangers use the Lightning Blue, Blitz Black and Supersonic Yellow Ranger Keys.
  • With Emma changing into Green Prism Ranger, this is the first glimpse of a female Green Ranger in all of Power Rangers, discounting Camille.


Troy used VulEagle Key in Gokaiger Footage

  • When Troy transforms into MMPR Red, the Sun Vulcan symbol shows before flipping to the MMPR symbol. This is due to using Gokaiger footage, as Gokai Red was transforming into VulEagle.
    • Also, while Troy fights with Levira; before she fires her missiles, a curved, single-edge blade resembling a nodachi is seen instead of the straight-bladed Power Sword. This is because Gokai Red assuming the form of VulEagle was using the Vulcan Stick in katana mode from the original footage.
    • When Troy transforms into MMPR Red, the Vul Eagle Key can be briefly seen.
    • Finally, the MMPR Red is called a new power this episode, a clearly untrue statement.
  • It goes unmentioned that the wings that allow Q-Rex Megazord to fly are formed from the Mega Winger. All that's stated is that it is on auto-pilot.
  • Variblune can briefly be seen on the back of the Legendary Megazord before the Battalion attack.
  • When the Legendary Megazord uses its S.P.D. Final Strike, the Rangers shout "Super Mega Cannon!"
  • In the aftermath of the destruction of Levira's Megazord, the Legendary Samurai Megazord's Fire Smasher's takes an appearance to that of the original one, as evident with a Lion Power Disc attached.
  • When the Rangers are thrown from the Megazord from the Emperor's blast, it's the Gokaigers seen sent flying before quickly switching to American footage.
  • The Rangers go after the Armada despite the fact that they'd know if they appeared.
    • Also, they go looking for the spaceships around the ocean.
  • The Megazords are destroyed in the countryside but the Rangers fall into the city.
  • The city is in pieces despite the battle being in the countryside.
  • Dana checks a guy's heart despite his leg being crushed.


  • This is the first time the Rangers use the Megaforce Keys in the Legendary Megazord.
  • Gosei makes his last physical appearance in this episode. His voice is heard one more time in the following episode.
  • This is the only time a Legendary Mode using New Powers is Power Ranger exclusive footage (to replace VulEagle with Tyranno-Ranger/Red Mighty Morphin Ranger).
    • As such, this is the first time the suits for FiveYellow, ChangeGriffon, Blue Mask, and Green Flash (albeit the female version used only by Emma's Gokaiger counterpart) are filmed outside Japan and by the crew of Power Rangers.
    • VulEagle is deleted from the scene similar to the deletion of Green Ranger, Denji Pink and Green Sai in Samurai Surprise. Although there's no confirmation and it does not explain Green Sai's absence, VulEagle, like Green Ranger and Denji Pink, were possibly deleted because the suits are a different style than the suits used in Super Sentai shows that were adapted into Power Rangers.
      • Another possible reason for the deletion of VulEagle is because Sun Vulcan along with Battle Fever J and Denshi Sentai Denjiman are co-owned by Marvel Studios (which is owned by Power Rangers' previous owner Disney) and including any of the Sun Vulcan suits could be a copyright violation from Marvel's side of the ownership.
    • The "shut goggle" segment of the Flashman transformation was not used for Emma's change to "Prism Green", as Ahim's eyes are visible in said segment.
  • The Legendary Ranger Key shown used for the "Battalion Mode" attack during the Megazord sequence was a Legendary Ranger Key associated with Kagaku Sentai Dynaman, which is a strange coincidence also aired on Nickelodeon prior to any Power Rangers season, though in a different manner.
    • The flaming firebird right after the "Battalion Mode" Firestorm Strike was originally Jetman's Greater Power from Gokaiger as Gokai Jet Phoenix.
  • The transformation sequence of the Red Super Megaforce suit to the Red Mighty Morphin' suit is simply just the reshot of VulEagle's transformation sequence from the Gokaiger episode but only simply shaping his chin than "adjusting the helmet".
  • Orion does not appear morphed in this episode.

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