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Character History

A Beast Warrior created with the combined genetics of Mess fighters Wolk and Kilt, giving it both feline and canine attributes. Aside from having ferocious fighting strength and the ability to fire electric bolts like the duo, it also has the ability to appear and disappear whenever in alignment with Wolk and Kilt; by using this, they were able to make it appear and disappear as they blend into society to destroy things but then make it vanish when people try to track down the source of the disturbance. After the Flashman finally pin down Wolk and Kilt with the assistance of a father who had been defeated by them in their human disguises, the team uses multiple team attacks, including the Combination Cross Boomerang and Combination Super Spear before destroying it with Rolling Vulcan; after Kuragen grows the beast, the team take it out using Flash King.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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