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The Wings of Animaria is the twenty-third episode of Power Rangers Wild Force. The episode introduces Cole's Battlizer (the Animarium Armor), the Falcon Summoner, Falconzord and the Isis Megazord.


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Nayzor is resurrected, stronger than ever. When the other four Rangers are gravely injured and trapped in dream limbo, Cole and Merrick are left to defend Turtle Cove on their own. During their dream state, Alyssa, Taylor, Max, and Danny are forced to solve a puzzle that will lead them out of the dream world, but under the duress of a crumbling platform. They succeed in solving the puzzle, granting Cole the Falcon Summoner and the Animarium Armor. Using the Armor, Cole defeats Toxica and Jindrax which reverses their brainwashing and returns them to normal. Cole finds that he can use the Falcon Summoner to call on the Falcon Zord, which can combine with the Giraffe, Rhino, Armadillo and Deer Wildzords to form the Isis Megazord, which destroys Nayzor. Afterwards, as Cole's friends tell him of their experience, Toxica and Jindrax abandon Master Org, determined to find someone to help them take down the impostor.



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  • In "The Soul of Humanity," its revealed that the boy the Rangers encountered in this episode was Kite, the human form of Animus. Also, when the Rangers saved themselves from the dark dimension by completing the puzzle, they released Animus' spirit back to the living world, causing his resurrection as Kite.
  • Unlike their Sentai counterparts, Taylor, Max, Danny and Alyssa are knocked unconscious rather than being killed.

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