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The Wild Wipeout is the thirtieth episode of Power Rangers: Ninja Storm.


After a nasty wipeout, Tori is transported to an alternate dimension where the Rangers are evil. She joins forces with Lothor and his forces to defeat the Rangers and restore peace to the city.


Tori is surfing and then decides to take a break. 2 male surfers are watching her in a 'particular way' and Tori was behind them to hear what they were saying about her. They first state that she isn't bad but then their talk turns chauvinist, which offends Tori. Tori deliberately walks past them, with them giving 'creepy' looks to her body as she heads back to the wave.

After being duped into riding a monster wave, Tori wipes out and washes up in an alternate dimension, due to some gold dust secretly put on her by Goldwinger. She discovers that the Rangers in this dimension are evil and they chase her out of Ninja Ops.

Tori turns to hippie folk singers Marah and Kapri for help. When she asks for someone "smart and powerful", they take her to see the mayor. The mayor is Lothor, who won't take any action against the Rangers because he is afraid of them. Tori has no choice but to take on the evil Rangers herself. It doesn't go too well for her, because she finds herself unable to morph in this dimension. In the nick of time, Lothor appears and the Rangers taunt him for being afraid of them. He tells them that he may be afraid of them, but his own special forces doesn't feel the same way. His forces appears before them to Tori's relief. It consists of Marah, Kapri, Zurgane, and a few others to battle the renegade Rangers. The Rangers are defeated and forced to renounce their delinquent ways. Blake blames their defeat on Tori for ratting them out.

On Marah's suggestion, Tori rides the same wave and wipes out again, taking her back to her own dimension. The real Rangers unite and destroy Goldwinger, who is now threatening the city. Tori and Blake share a tender moment, and she tries to teach him to surf.



  • For some reason all the monsters in the alternate dimension have different voices.
  • Glen Drake's first name was misspelled in credits as "Glenn".


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