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The Whole Lie is the ninth episode of Power Rangers Turbo.


Justin is put under a spell which forces him to always tell lies, causing Pirahnatrons to appear in large numbers.


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  • Kat says that the monkeys should be detectives. This is is a reference to Bulk and Skull's occupation in Power Rangers Zeo after quitting the Junior Police Force in Bulk Fiction.
  • Tommy does not appear in this episode unmorphed, aside from recycled racing footage from "Shift Into Turbo".
  • The instrumental of "5-4-1" is featured in this episode during the Rangers' fight with the Piranhatrons.


  • Dimitria claims that the key to breaking the spell is to tell a lie which is also the truth, but the Rangers broke the spell simply by telling the truth which the spell should have prevented. However, Justin's truth was also a lie as he would normally never lie.
    • This one is actually tricky as the truths told were conditional. Because the Rangers were under a spell, the truths that were said were supposed to be lies.  The other Rangers' answer of "Never" to Justin's question is a truth since normally they would tell Justin the truth to a question, and a lie because they were under a spell, so they were supposed to never be able to answer with the truth. Essentially, the lies/truths were Paradoxes.
  • When the school of Pirahnatron show up at the car wash, Adam and Luitenant stone are standing next to each other counting the car wash money. In the next few shots, Adam is now suddenly behind the Luitenant and catches the jar of money he throws.
  • The footage of Mouthpiece growing is in the wrong order; Mouthpiece is shown being hit by Divatox's torpedoes then is instantly giant-sized, only to then have shown his face turning red and steam blowing out before growing again.
  • The Rangers searched for the detonator at the car wash without the aid of the Turbo Navigator.
  • When Kat inserts her key into her Morpher, the key is actually too low to trigger the Turbo Powers.


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