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The Wasp with a Heart is the tenth episode of Power Rangers In Space.


A wasp monster named Waspicable doesn't have it in him to be evil, and he helps and befriends Cassie, who sticks up for him when confronted by the other Power Rangers, who also have to deal with Sting King .


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  • At the end of the episode Astronema orders no more insect monsters are to be used (similar to what Rita said about there being no more fish monsters in "Mighty Morphin' Mutants"), however several more would appear in the future.
  • Sting King can be seen being impaled by the Astro Megazord Saber.
    • Considering the fact that Saban usualy edits these shots due to the brutality of them, usually overlaying energy effects over the blade to cover it or cutting the shots completely, this seems to be an oversight on their part.


  • Waspicable was created from a modified Grumble Bee costume.
  • First appearance of Ecliptor in the PR footage.


  • Go Fly Win (instrumental)

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