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The Void

Promethea drifting in the Void

The Void is the term used by the Promethea crew for an unknown dimension that exists outside the very existence of space and time. Despite there being planets, stars, galaxies and odd looking nebulae, all celestial objects in the Void are in the process of decay and will die out eventually. It is revealed in Issue 33 through accounts by Ari that the Void is a universe in the far future of its timeline approaching the brink of death and there was an Earth in it at some point, which ceased to sustain life and decayed away years ago.

Due to its unique entropic and dimensional properties, no Ranger can access the Morphin Grid here since none exists in this plane. Any power the Rangers try to use from remnant connections to the Grid from their worlds through morphing will eventually die out and their morphers will be permanently deactivated without energy unless they return home to their own universe and reconnect with the Grid. The artifact known as Solarix is the only means of re-powering a Ranger's morpher outside of this.

While seemingly barren of life, there are alien inhabitants that occupy this plane of existence of various species, some of which are just waiting to die as there is nothing left. Another group of inhabitants are an army of reptilian-like aliens known as the Crimson Horde, whom act in service to an evil conqueror simply known as the Preator. There is also a human Power Ranger in this realm who bears the Solarix, which the Preator desires for his own purposes.Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 31Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 32

This universe's inability to create life or new suns and planets was explained in Issue 38, the Morphin Masters severed the universe's connection to the Morphin Grid to protect the Splintered Star, a planet that consists entirely of Zeo Crystals, from the forces of evil who sought to obtain it. This was a morally grey act, as a downside it condemned the inhabitants of this universe to die slowly, but it would save billions of other universes in the process from the threat of reality being destroyed by evil obtaining the planet's Zeo Crystals.Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 38

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