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The Turn of the Wretched Wrench is the 34th episode of Power Rangers Turbo


Ashley takes up a class in auto-shop to prove to her father that girls can do anything boys can. But her lucky wrench, given to her by her teammates to encourage her efforts, is stolen by the Maniac Mechanic.

Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull work for a local towing company in Angel Grove.


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  • Final appearance of the Chromites, though one will pop up in Power Rangers In Space's "Flashes of Darkonda" in the background on Onyx.
  • Dimitria and Alpha 6 do not appear in this episode. The Rangers deal with the plot themselves.
  • Despite this episode airing on Halloween, this episode isn’t a Halloween themed episode.
  • While Ashley is driving at the beginning of the episode, the song Tommy was rehearsing in Power Rangers Zeo's "Another Song and Dance" can be heard playing on her radio.


  • How did the Maniac Mechanic know to come to the Spacebase despite them just having mentioned him. If the other villains called him, then why did Divatox not get told? She apparently hadn't heard of him before.
  • The Maniac Mechanic in his human form was accepted without Mr Decker questioning it.


  • You Are the Power Team (instrumental)

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