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The Three Gorma Stooges (三バカゴーマ San Baka Gōma, lit. "Three Gorma Idiots") are Gorma in the service of Major Zydos, though their foolishness deemed them at lower ranks; they all have a sense of competition and honor. Furthermore, to make them less respectable, none of them can assume human form like their fellow Gorma.

They were beaten by Mythical Chi Beast RyuseiOh the first time and by Kiba DaiOh the second time. Though they survived both fights, the trio ended up being bandaged up.

Over the course of the series, they would gain respect for the Dairangers (and vice versa); specifically for Shoji of the Heavenly Gravity Star, who was seen as the most competitive of the Dairangers.

After all that happened to them, they managed to survive the entire series after being blown up various times. They would finally settle things with the Dairangers in a bike race, though they made their peace with the Dairangers using the minefield Zydos placed on the finish line to fake their deaths. They called Shoji to say their goodbyes, promising to atone for all of their evil deeds and leaving him a token of gratitude: a flag signed by each of them.

The trio later returned to help Shoji's spirit.



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