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For the monster the episode was named after, see Spit Flower.

The Spit Flower is the twenty-fourth episode of the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


Kimberly is building a float for the Angel Grove parade. Rita sends down Putties to destroy the float. As the Rangers go to fight Rita's new monster, the Spit Flower, Tommy stays behind to secretly repair Kimberly's float.


At the Youth Center, Tommy helps Kimberly work on her floral float design for an upcoming parade to promote world peace. Bulk and Skull come to make trouble, but Bulk's allergies are triggered by the flowers used to create the model, and the two leave. Rita Repulsa sends Putties to attack Tommy and Kimberly, and ultimately destroy the model. Kim, distraught over the damage, reveals that the model is due later that day, and without it, the full-sized float can't be built.

Rita asks Finster to create a monster that could turn flowers into evil fighters. Finster creates the Spit Flower, which consumes flowers and turns them into biting blossoms that suck out the energy of their victims.

While Kimberly is out of earshot, Trini brings up the idea to take her out to lunch, but Tommy has another idea. He takes the remains of the model float and leaves. Shortly after, the others are summoned to the Command Center. Zordon informs the five about Spit Flower. The Rangers confront the monster, but it quickly covers them all in ferocious flowers that draw out their energy. While she's ahead, Rita decides to grow the Spit Flower.

Tommy is working on an unknown project in his garage when he is called to battle by Zordon. He arrives, knocking Spit Flower down with a blast from his Dragon Dagger. The Dragonzord in Battle Mode fights Spit Flower, but the monster knocks the Megazord down with a cluster of flowers. The Rangers are brought back to the Command Center to regroup. After analyzing the previous battle, Zordon says that destroying the monster's mist sack will stop it from producing more biting flowers, weakening it. Tommy is told to stay behind as a last resort, in case the others fail.

Elsewhere, Bulk and Skull are running through the park, attacked by some of the biting flowers.

Returning to battle, Kimberly hits Spit Flower's mist sack with an arrow from her Power Bow. Together, the Rangers defeat the monster using the Power Blaster.

Tommy asks Alpha to help him with his project, but Alpha proves to be more of a hinderance. At the Youth Center, the gang watches the parade on television, Kimberly reluctantly joining them. Her design appears as a full-sized float at the parade, and Trini reveals that Tommy rebuilt it. Kimberly thanks him. Bulk and Skull walk in, covered in bandages, but Zack scares them off with a bouquet of flowers.




  • A clay model of Spidertron was seen in this episode.
  • The parade footage seen at the end of this episode was provided by the Tournament of Roses Archives, with Kimberly's float having been designed by Raul R. Rodriguez and built by Rick Chapman of Festival Artists/Floatmasters, Inc, all of whom are credited at the end of the episode.

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