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The Song of Confusion is the thirty-sixth episode of Power Rangers Turbo.


Cassie and her friend Vicki hold auditions for a full-fledged band, and meet a pre-existing band known as "Crash & The Creeps", whose hit song "Confusion" gets in the heads of everyone in Angel Grove, even the Power Rangers, who then discover that it's a hypnotism plot by Divatox, as Crash & The Creeps are actually a band of monsters in disguise.


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  • The "Song of Confusion" is later recycled in Richie Rich's Christmas Wish, the Saban Entertainment-produced direct-to-video 1998 sequel to the 1994 Richie Rich film.
  • This is the final time any mention is made of Cassie's music career (though it is briefly inferred to during Lost Galaxy's "The Power of Pink", where she jams atop the Wild Cat Galactabeast, only to be thrown off).
  • This is the first episode since the Turbo Rangers got the Rescue Zords in which they decide not to use them. This is because the VRV Machines hadn't been introduced in Carranger yet. This episode also marks the first appearance of the Turbo Megazord since Clash of the Megazords.
  • Despite Skull being a masterful pianIST, he decides to audition with a bass.
  • This episode is the only episode to feature an evil Ranger team (The Creeps) where a good Ranger is a member without being brainwashed. The group was literally named Cassie and The Creeps for a time.
    • However, Cassie was unaware of their true nature at the time.
  • Of all of the episodes of Turbo, this has the most monsters featured in it at a total of five.
  • Dimitria does not appear in this episode with Alpha being the only mentor shown in the Power Chamber.
  • This is Vicki's first and only appearance.


  • When blasting Crash and the Creeps' instruments, Carlos and Ashley switched counterparts.
  • When T.J. summoned the Turbo RAM, it drove up to the Rangers, but the Rangers had already been holding their Turbo Weapons.
    • Also, how did they summon them without the RAM?
  • The Creeps dropped the Ranger Scrambler despite not having been attacked..
    • This was because the shot of them putting it down was cut as White Racer was posing as Rygog and this would make no sense.
  • How did the Rangers know to chase The Creeps to the beach? We cut from them running out off the Park to Sentai footage at the beach. Alpha wasn't shown to call them.
    • Also, the beach was gravel as opposed to the usual sandy one we saw in episodes such as "Bomber in the Summer".
  • When Crash says that he and the Creeps all work together, Cassie says that they can't have a second bassist (Vicki's instrument of choice). However, many real life bands have been known to have more than one player of the same instrument, including bass.


  • You Are the Power Team (instrumental)

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