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The Silver Secret is the twenty-second episode of Power Rangers In Space.


A diagnostic scan from Alpha 6 reveals that Zhane only has a limited time to stay morphed, while the other Power Rangers jump to the wrong conclusion and assume that Zhane is dying. Zhane decides to play up this misunderstanding and exploit their sympathy. However, Astronema knows his true secret and sends down the Praying Mantis to exploit this weakness.


Reviewing footage from the previous battle, Astromena times how long Zhane can stay the Silver Ranger before demorphing, and sees that he can only stay morphed for only two and a half minutes. Knowing that they can use it to their advantage, Astromena summons the Praying Mantis monster, ordering him to destroy Zhane.

On the Astro Megaship, Alpha 6 finishes testing Zhane, but is dismayed by the results. Zhane learns that he can only stay morphed for two and a half minutes, and unless he finds a way to bring them back to full power, he will keep demorphing involuntary. Unaware to them, Andros and Cassie overheard them, but mistakenly believe that Zhane is dying. They try to tell the others about this, only to stop when Zhane enters the bridge, causing them to try and make Zhane take it easy. Before anything else can be done, D.E.C.A announces Praying Mantis’ attack on Earth, but Andros and Cassie tell Zhane to stay.

The Rangers confront Praying Mantis, who is upset that Zhane is not with them. Regardless, he manages to hold his own against the five Rangers, while Zhane sees the fight on the bridge. Seeing his friends struggle, Zhane decides to go down and help even after Alpha reminds him about his time limit. Zhane arrives on the Silver Cycle morphed, and despite Andros and Cassie’s concerns, he fights against the Praying Mantis. Just when Zhane was going in for the killing blow, his time starts to run out and Praying Mantis knocks him down. While the rest of the Rangers fight against Praying Mantis, Zhane sees that he is about to demorph and hides so he does not do so in public. The Praying Mantis retreats, and Zhane appears after demorphing.

Back on the Megaship, Andros and Cassie tell the others about Zhane’s condition, under the impression that he is dying. However, Zhane overhears them and decides to play along with the charade for his own amusement by pretending to be ill and getting pampered by the Rangers. Meanwhile, Astromena berates Praying Mantis for failing to destroy Zhane, though the latter argues that the Silver Ranger is still strong even with the time limit. So, Astromena tells Praying Mantis to detain Zhane for the time limit, giving him a bomb that will detonate when the two and a half minutes are up.

On the Megaship, Alpha figures out why Zhane keeps demorphing. It turns out that his powers were slowly leaking while he was morphed in his hypersleep, so Zhane needs a dosage of high voltage electricity to restore them. Zhane then tells Alpha about how the others believe he is dying, but the latter chastises him for not telling them the truth. Meanwhile, the Rangers go out to deal with Praying Mantis, with Andros specifically telling D.E.C.A not to tell Zhane where they are going, but the latter sees them leaving before he has a chance to tell them the truth. Refusing to see his friends struggle, Zhane decides to go out and help, but Alpha tells him not to. Zhane has D.E.C.A find a lightning storm and decides to use it to restore his powers despite Alpha’s concerns. Climbing to the top of a mountain, Zhane manages to have a lightning bolt hit his Digimorpher, boosting his powers back to full strength.

The Rangers struggle against Praying Mantis, but Zhane, fresh from having his powers restored, comes to help them. Seeing this, Praying Mantis begins the countdown and fights the Silver Ranger, with the Quartrons attacking the others. Praying Mantis manages to get the jump on Zhane, trapping him with pincers that will explode when the countdown reaches zero. Zhane is unable to free himself and the bomb explodes, causing everybody distress at their dead friend. However, Zhane reveals himself to be alive and well on the Silver Cycle much to everybody’s shock and confusion. However, Zhane, Andros, and Cassie knock Praying Mantis with a combo attack with their personal weapons.

In response, Astromena orders Elgar to fire the Satellasers at Praying Mantis, growing him in the process. The Rangers summon the Mega Voyager to face off against the giant monster, managing to destroy Praying Mantis with the Mega V3 Missile. However, Astromena proclaims that Zhane has not heard the last of her.

On the Megaship, Alpha tells the Rangers the truth about Zhane, much to their annoyance. So, they decide to have Zhane drink spinach juice, forcing him to admit the truth. As punishment for lying to them, the Rangers give Zhane cleaning supplies so he can clean the ship from top to bottom.



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