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The Silva Switch is the sixteenth episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 and fortieth episode overall.


Nate and Steel accidentally swap bodies, and while looking to reverse the situation, the other rangers learn from Steel just how great their lives are due to being human.


At Grid Battleforce, Nate gets an ice cream cone to treat himself, and orders one for Steel to make his brother feel a little more human. However, Steel gets depressed when he cannot fully enjoy the cone due to the lack of having a mouth, but Nate tells him that he has a surprise for him. Taking Steel to the Split Emitter room, Nate reveals that he, Ben, and Betty have modified the Split Emitters to make Steel 100% human. That excites Steel as he asks Nate when they could start, but the latter says it could take some time as the process requires more Morph-X than the Split Emitters can handle. Just then, Steel’s hand short circuits from the melting ice cream and detaches from his body, making its way to the control panel and activating the Split Emitters. Ben and Betty try to stop the process, but it is too late as the transfer process is already beginning, just as the rest of the Rangers arrive to find out what is going on. After the transfer process finishes, Zoey checks on Nate to see if he is okay, but Steel’s voice comes out instead of his normal voice, while Nate’s voice is coming from Steel’s body. They quickly realize that the transfer process swapped their minds into each other’s bodies, but while Steel!Nate is ecstatic by that, Nate!Steel is horrified by that. The process has caused the two to come out unstable, and Nate!Steel says they must switch back before molecular decay sets in. However, Steel!Nate demands that he spend a little more time as a human so he can finally experience life as he is now, and Nate!Steel reluctantly agrees to one day before they transfer back, much to his brother’s happiness. Although, it does become clear that Nate!Steel is struggling with the weight of his new robot body as he falls over and smashes a nearby table.

Suddenly, Commander Shaw contacts Devon and tells him that Robo-Blaze and a Robotron are attacking Sector Oscar-A3, and the Rangers head out. They see Robo-Blaze and Antennatron 2.0 stealing barrels of Morph-X and confront the two as the main trip take on the Robotron, while the Silva brothers take on Robo-Blaze. However, Nate!Steel struggles in the fight due to his weight and gets knocked around, while the main trio corners Antennatron 2.0 next to Robo-Blaze. Seeing that the fight is not going their way, Robo-Blaze orders a retreat to the Crystal Dimension. The Rangers check on Nate!Steel and prepare to go back to Grid Battleforce, and Steel!Nate wants to go surfing afterwards. The rest of the Ranges agree to go with Steel!Nate on his trip, while Nate!Steel must stay behind and go through a maintenance check.

At Riptide Gym, Steel!Nate talks about his surfing experience while Nate!Steel says that his maintenance check was boring as the former orders every smoothie from the menu. After drinking a broccoli smoothie, Steel!Nate breaks into song about how being a human is great and everybody in the Gym joins him. After the song ends, everybody finds Steel!Nate’s song to be amazing as Nate!Steel apologizes to his brother for taking being a human for granted.

At the Crystal Dimension, Robo-Roxy mocks Robo-Blaze’s failure at the Ranger’s hand, but the latter lies and claims that he and Antennatron 2.0 were training. Scrozzle does not buy that because training sounded like honest work, which Robo-Blaze hates, but the latter argues that he would do anything to serve Evox well, claiming he could do better than Robo-Roxy’s flower DNA. Robo-Roxy scoffs at the idea that her allies could do any better and leaves the room. Afterwards, Robo-Blaze says there is one thing that could give him extra power, and that is to borrow some of Evox’s Morph-X from his recharging station. Although Scrozzle does not like that idea, Robo-Blaze convinces him to let him do it because if it works, they will both look good in Evox’s eyes. Robo-Blaze drains some of Evox’s Morph-X through his cables and begins to grow stronger.

Robo-Blaze and Antennatron 2.0 go to the southern industrial district and steal more Morph-X, just as the Rangers arrive to stop them. Robo-Blaze order Antennatron 2.0 to stall the Rangers while he gets more Morph-X, and the latter proclaims that he learned a lot since their last confrontation. However, the Rangers do not buy that, and they morph. They fight against the Robotron, but while Antennatron 2.0 proves to be more of a challenge than before, they manage to push him down. However, Antennatron 2.0 fires back, forcing the main trio to enter Beast-X Mode and Devon prepares to finish him off with a Cheetah Charge. Before Devon could land the attack, Robo-Blaze morphs and attacks the Red Ranger mid-attack. Robo-Blaze tells the Rangers to walk away as their weak attacks will no longer work on him, but they refuse, causing the Robo-General to attack them. The new power-up seems to work as Robo-Blaze manages to take on all five of the Rangers with ease, knocking them down without breaking a sweat. Before Antennatron 2.0 joins in, Robo-Blaze decides that the Robotron’s services are no longer needed as he has collected enough Morph-X, and destroys him, much to the Ranger’s shock. Robo-Blaze takes on the Rangers again and manages to defeat them like before. Then, Robo-Blaze takes the Morph-X back with him to the Crystal Dimension. While the Rangers do not know how Robo-Blaze got stronger, Ravi feels they can take him again as they did with Robo-Roxy’s Flower Form.

Devon contacts Commander Shaw about the loss of the Morph-X, but the latter says they have bigger problems. A Gigadrone is teleporting near their location, and she is sending them the Zords. Suddenly, the Silva brothers start to glow as Nate!Steel sees that the molecular decay is starting to catch up to them. While Nate!Steel leaves to prep the Split Emitters to swap their bodies, the rest of the Rangers go to their Zords to deal with the Gigadrone, with Steel!Nate piloting the Beast-X King Zord. Antenadrone 2.0 teleports in as Devon and Steel!Nate attack with the Racer Zord Battle Mode riding on the Beast-X King Zord, just before the latter transforms into Battle Mode. The two Zords double team against the Gigadrone just as Ravi and Zoey arrive in their Zords. Steel!Nate combines with Ravi and Zoey to form the Beast-X King Megazord, and both Zords manage to get the upper hand against Antennadrone 2.0. Afterwards, they destroy it with a Cheetah Hyperstrike and a Beast-X King Hyper Beam combo.

Back at the Crystal Dimension, Evox repowers himself with the Morph-X Robo-Blaze stole and praises the latter for helping him regain more of his power. Robo-Blaze tells Evox that he can count on him when others fail, and smugly leaves the room. A jealous Robo-Roxy asks Scrozzle how Robo-Blaze got powerful, but the latter lies that he does not know how, claiming it could have been vitamins. However, Robo-Roxy feels that Robo-Blaze is hiding something, and wants to find out what it is.

At Grid Battleforce, Nate!Steel has finished preparing the Spit Emitters for the transfer, but even though Steel!Nate wants to stay human for a little longer, the former reminds him that it is too dangerous to stay like this any longer. Steel!Nate reluctantly agrees to that, but says that today was the best day of his life, with Nate!Steel agreeing with that as he saw how happy his brother has been. The Silva brothers enter the Split Emitters as Zoey begins the process, moving their minds back into their original bodies. Although Steel is downed by the fact that he is half robot again, Nate says that he is still half-human, and promises to his brother that he will find a way to make him fully human forever. The other Rangers reassure Steel that they will be here for him no matter what he is, and that brightens the latter’s mood.




  • This episode marks the first appearance of the real Blaze since Save Our Shores.
  • This is the first episode of Beast Morphers with a musical scene and the first at all since Super Samurai.
  • This is the only time that one of the main villains (Robo-Blaze) destroys a Robotron.
  • The reason why Robo-Blaze was able to beat the rangers easily and make Evox proud is that in the Sentai version, this is actually the debut of Enter (Robo-Blaze's counterpart) as Enter Unite.


  • After morphing Nate and Steel (still in different bodies) are much closer the others compared to how close they were before.
    • In the same scene the shadow of the building they’re next to just appears out of nowhere, after they morph.
  • When the Racer Zord and Antennadrone 2.0 were fighting sword to gun in the final moments before the Cheetah Hyper Strike, the Racer Zord was facing right and Antennadrone left. A Split second shot happens where Antennadrone fires and they've suddenly switched positions.
  • Japanese writing can be seen during the fight with Robo-Blaze.
  • When Zoey says "What do we do Nate?" the reflection of a crew member can be seen off both her and Ravi's visors.

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