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The Royal Rumble is the fifteenth episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel. It features the debut of the Lion Fire Power Star, Red Ranger's Lion Fire Mode, and the Lion Fire Megazord as well as the final appearance of Drillion.


The Power Rangers band together with a new ally to try and defeat Galvanax's new champion - but even their teamwork may not be enough.


The show flashbacks to when Princess Viera defeated Drillion in her lion ship during the previous episode. However, Drillion destroys the ship and it crash lands. Viera goes to seek help.

Back at the Warrior Dome, Drillion brags about how the Rangers will never have a chance to beat him. However, Madame Odius points out that if Viera is still alive, the Rangers may have a chance, so she gives him an upgrade to guarantee the Rangers are defeated.

Back at the Ranger base, Mick was working on something when Hayley notices something on her backpack. The star morphs into Viera, who explains her situation to the Rangers. The Nexus Prism shows a vision of the lion ship morphing into a Megazord. But Mick thinks that they shouldn't help her because she is the ruler of the Lion Galaxy, where her family captured him and 100 other and sold them to Galvanax; he hasn't seen his parents in 20 years as a result. Viera confesses about her family can be very cruel and how she learned that kindness is a better way. She promises that when if the Rangers help her, she will go back to her home and teach everyone the Power Ranger way. Mick, nevertheless, also points out that there isn't much Ninja Steel left. But they promise to at least try.

Meanwhile, Victor and Monty were "exercising" at the hills when they witness one of Viera's anti-gravity crystals. They have an idea to get him a trophy.

Odius finishes giving Drillion his upgrade and Galvanax orders him to destroy the Rangers. Victor starts handing out flyers where he will attempt to break the heavyweight lifting record and get his 50th trophy. Mick is finishing the new Ninja Star when Drillion shows up.

The Rangers begin fighting Drillion, but due to his powerful upgrade, he begins beating the Rangers to pulps. Mick throws the new Ninja Star, where everyone expects the Lion Ship will morph, but instead, Viera's armor disappears. Brody gets it and is able to more easily defeat Drillion. Mick comments to Viera that he thought she wasn't going to change but she proved him wrong. Galvanax orders that Drillion be gigantified.

Mick throws the next Ninja Star and the Lion Ship morphs into a Megazord and finally destroys Drillion. Viera prepares the leave when she gives Mick a present. It's a video call to his parents and they begin conversing on how they were safe and how Mick would visit them when the time is right. Viera finally goes back home. Meanwhile, Victor places the anti-gravity crystal on the heavyweight and easily lifts it. Preston and Hayley notice it but Brody tells them not to say because everyone else will become suspicious. The judge notices the crystal and deduces that Victor is a fraud. The weight falls through the floor along with Monty and Victor.


Ninja Power Stars


  • No mention of Victor and Monty's theft of a cow in the previous episode is mentioned, as if this b-plot might have been from a completely different episode.
  • Brody, Calvin, and Levi struck a defensive stance once Princess Viera materialized and only relaxed after she told the Rangers that she had crash-landed. This is odd considering that she just helped them in the previous episode.
  • Mick was uncertain if there was enough Ninja Steel to create a single Power Star, but then managed to create two despite the amount looking like it was enough to only create one more.
  • When Sarah was morphing, one of the blades on her Ninja Battle Morpher was sticking out.
  • Metal is something that conducts lightning, so Levi's Lightning Blast to Drillion should have flown over to the other Rangers that were holding him in place with metal chains. This also occurs in the Ninninger episode this episode borrows from.
    • It is entirely possible that these chains had superpowered properties our metal in this world possess. They were holding down the same monster who defeated the Fusion Zord after all. This is not inconsistent either as this is the only time the Ninja Metal Attack and Ninja Lightning Attack were used together.


  • This episode begins on where The Royal Rival left off.
  • This is the first episode since its debut that none of the Ninja Steel Rangers assume Ninja Master Mode. This is due to the Lion Fire Megazord not requiring Ninja Master Mode to power it.
  • This is the first episode the Ninja Steel Megazord is not used.
  • This is the first time that Cosmo Royale did not use the Gigantifier on stage. Instead, Galvanax orders a Kudabot to do so.
  • The episode title is a reference to the WWE Pay-Per-View event of the same name held every January.
  • This episode introduces and the Lion Fire Armor Star, Lion Fire Armor, and the Lion Fire Zord Star.
  • When Brody activates the Lion Fire Armor, he says he feels hot. This is potentially a reference to his counterpart's catchphrase.

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