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The Royal Rival is the fourteenth episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel. It features the debut of Princess Viera and the Lion Fire Zord.


A mysterious princess and her royal guard arrive on earth to challenge the Rangers.


The episode begins with Sarah presenting her project to the class: a machine that can turn anything disgusting object into a delicious cookie. Skeptical, Victor and Monty test it using Monty's lunch; the result proves to be delicious. Sarah gets an A on her project while Victor and Monty receive an F since they didn't do theirs.

Cosmo introduces Princess Viera, who Galvanax hired for help, and Lord Drillion, to the audience of the Warrior Dome. Viera vows to help destroy the Power Rangers in any possible. Odius tells Galvanax that the people of the Lion Galaxy, where Viera is from, think she is a weak ruler and questions her capability of destroying the Rangers. Galvanax claims that Drillion will be able to do his bidding.

Later at the park, Sarah is revealed to turn her project into a business and is making money off her machine. Victor and Monty have come up with their project, which was farm-fresh milk. In reality, they are just getting their milk from a cow. An officer shows up, as it is shown that Victor and Monty stole that cow from a pasture. Meanwhile, Sarah's business is booming. Suddenly, the Rangers hear that there are monsters in the city. The Rangers morph and fight Drillion, who easily overpowers them, while Viera watches from above. As they are fighting, Drillion accidentally smashes the platform Viera is standing on. Sarah saves her, and Viera orders Drillion to stop as she is having second thoughts. She and him return to the Warrior Dome. There, Galvanax is furious that Viera left the battlefield when they were doing so well. She responded by saying she needs to study the Rangers before making decisions about them. As she leaves, Galvanax secretly convinces Drillion to betray her in case she decides not to destroy the Rangers.

Viera disguises herself as a newcomer and assists Sarah as she is working on her business. A boy robs some food, and the two pursue him. Viera catches him and handles him aggressively while Sarah asks her to ease up and question the boy. The boy, named Billy, reveals that he stole the cookies for his sister, who he dropped out of school to look after. They don't have anything to eat. Having a change of heart, Sarah allows him to take her machine and use it to get money for him and his sister. Billy, having a lot of gratitude, thanks Sarah and leaves with the machine. Viera is impressed by how Sarah handled it without morphing. That's when Sarah realizes that Viera was the one who they were fighting yesterday, but Viera defends herself by saying that she was sent to destroy the Power Rangers but had a change of heart when they showed compassion. Drillion shows up and attempts to destroy Sarah when the others show up.

Viera says that Drillion is too powerful for them; she wants to help and asks the Rangers to keep him busy while she gets it. As the Rangers fight, Viera retrieves her ship from the Warrior Dome. Furious at the betrayal, Galvanax orders Cosmo to gigantify Drillion. He also sends down a pair of Skullgators. Preston forms the Ninja Fusionzord; although they defeat the Skullgators, Drillion still defeats them. However, Viera shows up in her Lion Ship and blasts Drillion. Knowing he has been defeated, Drillion shrinks and retreats. Nonetheless, the blasts the ship and Viera crash lands. She is forced to seek help.

Back at school, Sarah tells the teacher that she has given her project away. The teacher prepares a bad grade for Sarah when Billy comes into the classroom. He reveals to the teacher that Sarah gave her machine to him to help his sister, so the teacher gives Sarah a good grade instead. Meanwhile, Victor and Monty are arrested for stealing the cow.

To Be Continued...


Ninja Power Stars


  • Brody and Calvin were able to activate Ninja Master Mode and summon their Zords, even though their swords were heavily damaged.
  • Sarah accidentally repeated the line "Oh no! That person's falling!" from the last scene shown before the commercial break while using her Element Star in an entirely different shot to save Princess Viera, but failed to say the attack that she was doing while saving her.
  • When Drillion's attack has dismantled the Ninja Fusion Zord and he faces the Robo Red Zord and Robo Rider Zord he says "four Zords down, two to go". The Ninja Fusion Zord is actually made up of seven Zords. So Drillion actually took down five Zords.
  • Princess Viera knew who Sarah was, even though she never saw her morph.
  • When Drillion bends Calvin's sword and pushes him away, all of the Rangers get thrown in the next shot as if the previous shot had them all getting knocked away.
    • Also for some reason in the shot of them all getting thrown, the scenery was covered in smoke as if a blast was thrown before the shot.
      • The reason for this can be seen in some deleted footage for this episode where Calvin recovered with the others around him and Drillion throwing a purple laser from his drill arm. It remains unclear why this was cut although it was probably cut due to excessive fire in the following shot which needed replacing.
        • This shot was made to replace the actual shot of them flying because it had them transforming into the unmorphed Ninningers.
  • During the Megazord battle, Calvin did not have his sword.
  • Victor claims that he and Monty found the cow grazing next to a fence, and thought she was a wild cow.  He must have meant "feral", for the only true wild cattle still in existence--the gaur, the banteng, and the wild yak--naturally occur only in Asia.


  • This episode is the first proper appearance of the Lion Fire Zord.
  • The reason that Princess Viera exists is because Lion Ha-Oh was a sentient mecha that would summon itself when needed.
    • The explanation given for why it was not with them from the start was that the villains were an army of Youkai who had been fought by the predecessors to the Ninningers for centuries and Lion Ha-Oh had merely gone into hiding after the final battle before the series. This was removed for obvious reasons and Viera was created to fill the plot hole of where it came from.

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