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The Royal Rival is the fourteenth episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel. It features the debut of Princess Viera and the Lion Fire Zord as well as Drillion.


A mysterious princess and her royal guard arrive on earth to challenge the Rangers.


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Ninja Power Stars


  • Brody and Calvin were able to activate Ninja Master Mode and summon their zords, even though their swords were heavily damaged.
  • Chrysti Ane (who plays Sarah) accidentally repeated the lines "Oh no! That Person's falling!" from the last scene shown before the commercial break while using her element star in an entirely different shot to save Princess Viera, but failed to say the attack that she was doing while saving her.
  • When Drillion's attack has dismantled the Ninja Fusion Zord and he faces the Robo Red Zord and Robo Rider Zord he says "four zords down, two to go". The Ninja Fusion Zord is actually made up of seven zords. So Drillion actually took down five zords.
  • Princess Viera knew who Sarah was, even though she never saw her morph.
  • When Drillion bends Calvin's sword and pushes him away, all of the rangers get thrown in the next shot as if the previous shot had them all getting knocked away. (This is most likely due a poorly planned transition from sentai footage to original footage in the two shots.)
    • Also for some reason in the shot of them all getting thrown, the scenery was covered in smoke as if a blast was thrown before the shot.
  • During the Megazord battle, Calvin didn't have his sword.


  • This is the first appearance of the Lion Fire Zord.

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