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The Root of All Evil is a comic story based on Power Rangers Super Samurai, which was printed as part of the 12th issue of Panini's UK Power Rangers Magazine.[1]



As the Samurai Rangers train, Mentor Ji is gardening and tells Jayden that when he cuts the weeds today, next week they grow back and that the Nighloks are just like weeds. Just then the gap sensor rings and the Rangers head to the park, now morphed the Rangers quickly defeat a group of Moogers just in time for a new Nighlok to appear, he is a weed monster named Bashvine. Back at the Shiba House, Mentor Ji wakes up Antonio and tells him to take the Lightzord and go help the others. Back at the park the Rangers have just defeated Bashvine and start to celebrate, but it was to early as Bashvine was just waiting for his roots to grow stronger. The Blue Ranger tries to use his Hydro Bow but Bashvine grabs it with his vines. Green Ranger then tries to attack but gets caught in Bashvine's vines. Finally, the Gold Ranger appears and fires a disc from his Lighzord but again Bashvine catches it so Gold Ranger fires a disc over to the Red Ranger, the Shark Disc. Using the disc, he morphs into Shark Attack Mode, then frees the Green Ranger by cutting Bashvine's vines with his sword. All Rangers then attack and defeat Bashvine, but not for long as he comes back as a mega monster. The Rangers combine the megazord but Bashvine grabs it with his vines and knocks it over, Red Ranger calls the SharkZord which frees them then combines with the Megazord to create the Samurai Shark Megazord. With one mighty swing of their shark blade, Bashvine is defeated forever.[2]




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