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The Rockstar is the thirtieth episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1.


Jason and his cousin Jeremy find a map that leads to a powerful ancient mirror.


While spending time with his cousin Jeremy, Jason discovers a map leading to a dangerous artifact called the Mirror of Destruction. Rita wants the map, and sends Scorpina and a monster called the Rockstar to retrieve it. Upon seeing Scorpina, Jason orders Jeremy to run and guard the map carefully. Jeremy complies.

The Rockstar then shoots boulders at Jason which pin him down. Zordon then informs the rest of the Rangers of Jason's dilemma. They immediately teleport to Jason's location and remove the boulders from his chest. Zordon informs the Rangers that Scorpina is located at a nearby beach club. He orders them to morph and intercept Scorpina, and promises to keep an eye out for Jeremy.

Meanwhile, Jeremy finds the Mirror of Destruction. A Putty then appears. Jeremy opens the mirror, which shoots a beam of energy which obliterates the Putty. The Rockstar then appears, and is also destroyed by the mirror. Realizing its destructive power, Jeremy throws the mirror away, which lands on the beach. Kimberly picks it up, but Scorpina throws her boomerang at her, which causes Kimberly to drop the mirror in midair. Scorpina catches it. Rita then makes Scorpina grow with her wand.

The Rangers summon the Dinozords. Scorpina opens the mirror, hoping to destroy the Rangers, but they hide their eyes. Goldar then appears, and holds the Megazord still. The Megazord then steps on Goldar's foot, which causes him to release it. He then stumbles right in front of the open mirror. Afraid of destroying Goldar, Scorpina throws the mirror away, giving the Rangers the opportunity to destroy the mirror with the Power Sword. Defeated, Goldar and Scorpina withdraw.

At the Youth Center, Jeremy recalls his experience with Jason and his friends. Jason is supposed to teach a karate class, but opts to continue listening to Jeremy compliment the Red Ranger. When Jeremy asks Jason where he was during the whole battle, Jason then stands up.



  • Jason David Frank (Tommy) does not appear in this episode, with Tommy's absence from the episode never being referenced. This marked the first time since "Switching Places" that he did not appear in a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode.
  • First episode where Brianne Sidall has a role although she would go on to do many more for the franchise (most notably Circuit). She dubs over Jeremy in this episode.
  • Final appearance of the RADBUG.
  • In a rare occasion, which this episode is the first of, a monster is destroyed by a non-Ranger, in this case Jason's cousin Jeremy.
    • This is also the only instance of this in all three seasons of MMPR.


  • Brianne Siddall dubs over Jeremy and this is very obvious at points. The worst example is when he says "this is too hot to handle" after killing the Rockstar and none of the lines syncs up with his mouth at all.
  • The delivery of the line "uh, yikes" when the Rockstar loomed over him.
  • Although Jeremy of mostly dubbed by Alex Bornstein, the production crew decided to leave in some of Richard Lee Jackson's actual acting and the difference in voice is very clear. Jackson sounds like an actual 12-year-old whereas Bornstein is clearly trying to do an impression of a child.
  • The Putties in the US footage do not have belts.
  • Despite the dull metallic thud heard whenever a Putty is struck, it apparently doesn’t hurt either Jason or Jeremy to kick them multiple times with bare feet.
  • The shot of the Putty being destroyed by the Mirror of Destruction looks ridiculous.
  • When the Rangers morph, Billy's morphing sequence is shown even though he isn't with the team.
  • In the scene where the Rockstar is about to crush Jeremy with a boulder, he is clearly on a beach despite the two of them being on a wooded section of it.
  • Billy is absent from almost all of the episode for no good reason and Tommy's absence isn't addressed either.
  • As the Black and Yellow Rangers fight Rockstar by the swimming pool, you can see the original Blue Ranger from Zyuranger, TriceraRanger Dan, far in the background falling on his back multiple times because he was the comic relief whereas Goushi was the smart one. In Power Rangers, the roles were reversed for Billy and Zack.
  • When the Yellow Ranger falls into the swimming pool whilst Baboo tells Scorpina to find Jeremy, Japanese writing can be seen on an awning in the background.
  • During a shot with Squatt and Baboo, Scorpina's mouth moved but there was no sound produced.
  • Kimberly leaps over Scorpina for no other reason than for her to be attacked so Scorpina could grab the Mirror of Destruction.
  • The shot of the Rockstar being destroyed is clearly of a clay model and not a person.
  • The Mirror of Destruction had minor differences between the Sentai and US footage, most notably it's being darker in new footage.
  • If Jeremy was running around in the forest avoiding Putties, how did he see most of the battle the Rangers fought? Especially at the Beach Club when Zack and Trini were kicked into the pool? Jeremy was only present to watch the final part of the fight with Scorpina and the ensuing Megazord battle with her and Goldar.

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