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The Rival Rangers is 42nd episode of Power Rangers Turbo. It is the second of the three-episode Divazord arc.


With the school dance coming up, Ashley and Cassie find themselves competing for the affections of a new school student named Bobby. Meanwhile, Divatox sends Porto into battle against the Power Rangers in the Sharkzord.


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  • Tell Me Now
  • The Second Time
  • Invincible


  • Mandy will reappear once more in Power Rangers in Space's "Rangers Gone Psycho".
  • This episode marks the first underwater Zord fight since the Power Rangers Zeo episode "A Golden Homecoming".
  • Bulk and Skull do not appear in this episode.
  • Bobby is played by the same uncredited actor who played one of the drag racers, Robert, in "Built for Speed".
  • Cassie and Ashley's tension will come into play again in Space's "A Rift in the Rangers". The main difference is that in this episode, it was mostly comedic and that the two never explicitly told each other about it. The future episode will have the girls actively going at each other.
  • The song that plays when Ashley teaches Bobby to dance is the same one Jenny Hunter uses for her dance audition in "Cars Attacks".
  • The original draft title for this episode was "A Ranger Rivalry".
  • Like the previous episode, there was not a monster of the day because this time the rangers with the help of Blue Senturion were fighting with the Sharkzord piloted by Porto.

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