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The Rangers' Mega Voyage is the seventeenth episode of Power Rangers In Space. It is the conclusion of the four-episode Darkonda arc, introducing the Mega Voyager.


With the Astro Megazord pinned down and running low on power, the Power Rangers find the location of the Mega Vehicles - five powerful space crafts which combine to form the Mega Voyager, and gain control of them with Zordon's key cards.


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  • The opening titles are extended by approximately fifteen seconds beginning with this episode.
  • Darkonda is destroyed for the first time in this episode.
  • Mega Voyager is the first Megazord to lack the word Zord in it's name. It is also the first Megazord to retain it's Sentai counterpart's name. The reason for this is that the name is clearly shown in the cockpit.


  • The Astro Delta Megazord briefly turned into the Astro Megazord upon getting up at the beginning of the episode, with both Andros and Ashley disappearing from the cockpit in different shots.
  • Just before the Rangers form the Mega Voyager, Cassie says she's found something called the "Transformation Control." The control actually shown is labeled the "Docking Lever."
  • When the Astro Delta Megazord is thrown to the ground by Mutantrus, you can clearly see Japanese signs on the buildings. 

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