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The Rangers' Leap of Faith is the twenty-eighth episode of Power Rangers in Space. It is the third of the five-part story arc where Astronema turns good and joins the Rangers.


Astronema leads the Power Rangers to the planet where Zordon is being held captive, as proof that she has chosen to give up her life of evil. But the Rangers, aside from Andros, have serious doubts about her honesty. Their suspicions seem to be vindicated when it all turns out to be a trap by Dark Specter to capture the Rangers, but Astronema saves them.


With the knowledge about Zordon's location, thanks to Astronema, the Rangers set a course to Utopa in the Kurag Galaxy. But because none of them besides Andros trusts her, they have her chained up in the reactor room. Andros comes in with a meal for Astronema and apologizes for her predicament. Astronema understands because she knows the others do not trust her, but she asks Andros if he does. Andros says he does trust Astronema but asks if she trusts him. Astronema is unsure about it, but she says she is working on developing trust with Andros. Before Andros leaves, Astronema asks him what happened to their parents. Andros admits he has no idea what happened to them, but he hopes they escaped KO-35 before the invasion. Andros and Astronema talk and begin to bond over their parents as the latter asks her brother what they were like.

Eventually, the Astro Megaship arrives at Utopa, and Andros uncuffs Astronema. They head to the bridge, and Andros brings in more shackles. He explains that they must trick Dark Specter into believing Astronema captured them. The others reluctantly agree to it, though T.J. again expresses concern about the plan. The Rangers put their shackles on as Astronema orders Alpha 6 to open a communication channel to Dark Specter. When Alpha complains about being treated disrespectfully, Astronema says please, surprising Andros. Astronema tells Dark Specter that she has all five Rangers, which lowers the forcefield around Utopa.

With the plan a success, the Rangers begin activating scanners to search for Zordon, only for a squad of Velocifighters to surround the Megaship. Astonema says they are only there to escort them, and the Rangers reluctantly follow them. As they do so, Andros leads Astronema back to the reactor. However, T.J. has a bad feeling about this and changes direction away from the Velocifighters. Lighting strikes the Megaship and disables their power. Sensing danger, Andros comes into the bridge as the Megaship crash lands onto the planet. Once they land, Andros checks on his sister but finds out she escaped and ran off somewhere. T.J. uses this to prove Astronema is leading them to a trap, but Andros is doubtful that she did.

The Rangers walk on the surface to find Zordon and see an army of Piranhatrons running through the area. Cassie and Carlos believe that Zordon might be on the planet after all, but a doubtful T.J. believes that the Piranhatrons are only here because they are on Utopa. They soon get surrounded by the Piranhatrons and Darkonda, forcing them to morph and fight. However, they are overwhelmed by the sheer number of Piranhatrons and Andros is knocked down by Darkonda. Before Darkonda can finish off Andros, Ashley defends her friend and tells Andros to find Zordon. However, Darkonda shoots Andros in the back as the other Rangers get overwhelmed. Fortunately, Astronema arrives and gets Andros to his feet, helping him find Zordon.

The two are confronted by Ecliptor on their way to find Zordon. Astronema begs Ecliptor not to destroy Andros as the latter protects his sister from Eclitptor. However, Ecliptor hesitates on striking either of them and allows them to leave. As they leave, Eclitptor wishes Astronema well, only to get slashed in the back by Darkonda. Darkonda calls Ecliptor a traitor and brings the warrior down before unleashing the Piranhatrons on a search for Andros and Astronema.

Astronema leads Andros to Zordon's area, still hooked up to a plasma tube where Dark Specter is stealing his powers. Andros is amazed that they found Zordon and goes to him to hear his words. However, Zordon tells Andros that he is a fool, revealing that Dark Specter impersonated Zordon this entire time. Darkonda and the Piranhatrons surround Andros and Astronema, and the Red Ranger is captured. Andros expresses disappointment that Astronema lied to them, but Dark Specter tells the latter to stand by his side. Astronema does so, just as the other Rangers call her evil. Darkonda is still doubtful of Astronema's allegiance as she could be helping the Rangers find Zordon, but she knocks him down and says her trapped worked perfectly. As Dark Specter leaves, he gives Astronema one final task to prove her loyalty: destroy the Power Rangers.

Astronema gives Darkonda the order to destroy the Rangers, but Andros still tries to get through to her, calling her Karone in the process. However, Astronema fires a bolt behind Darkonda and knocks him down, revealing she was on the Rangers' side all along. She frees the other Rangers as Darkonda gets to his feet. However, a shot of green laser hits the weakened Darkonda and destroys him, costing him another life. Ecliptor is revealed to be the one who destroyed Darkonda, but is very weakened from the earlier attack. Karone wants to bring Ecliptor back with them, but the latter tells her to leave him be. The Rangers reluctantly agree to Ecliptor's request as Piranhatrons dogpile him. The Rangers and Karone make it back to the Megaship, defeating several Piranhatrons along the way. Once everyone is on board, they fly off the planet.

With Karone defected, Dark Specter gives the revived Darkonda full command of the Dark Fortress. However, Dark Specter still wants Karone back as Astronema, frustrating Darkonda as she is a traitor. Ecliptor is carried back into the Fortress by Quantrons, but Darkonda demands that he be destroyed for his betrayal. However, Dark Specter says he still has plans for Karone and Ecliptor, promising that their loyalty will never waver again. Darkonda reluctantly agrees to it and has the Quantrons escort Ecliptor off the bridge, sisterly saying he has plans of his own for the latter.

On the Astro Megaship, T.J. and the Rangers apologize to Karone for doubting her loyalty. However, Karone admits that she never had friends before, and because of her actions as Astronema, she does not see any way she could make amends. Still, Karone hopes that the Rangers will believe she will never hurt them one day. To her surprise, the Rangers trust her word as T.J. says she has five friends right now. Karone is shocked but happy to see that the Rangers forgive her, and Andros gives his sister a warm smile now that she is finally back to where she rightfully belongs.




  • With the exception of the morphing sequence, the Astro Megaship & the establishing shots of the Dark Fortress, this episode contains no Sentai footage.