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The Queen's Return is the nineteenth episode of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. It is the conclusion of the Titanium Ranger story arc and the three-episode story arc which features the return of Queen Bansheera and the departure of Ryan Mitchell.


The demons perform a ritual to return Queen Bansheera to her bodily form. Led by the demon Spellbinder, Bansheera starts to take form in the skies. The Lightspeed Rangers interrupt the ceremony, but only enough to bring back the Queen in a deformed state, for which Olympius swears vengeance. Ryan leaves the team to search for a way to defeat the demons once and for all.


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  • It's very hard to understand Spellbinder's incantation, due to his words being distorted. Luckily the Closed Captioning will show exactly what he's saying.


  • When Ryan jumps out of the Lightspeed Solarzord it’s clear and sunny, even though it was completely dark.
    • This is most likely due to that Ryan is an exclusive character where there was no sixth ranger in GoGoV, and the exclusive shot of him jumping out.
  • When Ryan stops the ceremony, the Lightspeed Solarzord already appears to be in final attack mode. Yet moments later its not, until the others finish off Spellbinder.

Behind The Scenes

During the filming of this episodes Rhett Fisher filmed some behind the scenes.


Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue behind the scenes

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