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The Pull of Gravity is a comic story based on Power Rangers Super Megaforce, which was printed as part of the 36th issue of Panini's UK Power Rangers Magazine.[1]

Continuity and Placement

The appearance of the Red Lion Wildzord places this story after the fourth epsiode, A Lion's Alliance.



Prince Vekar sends his latest monster Graviton down to Earth to annihilate the Power Rangers. Shortly afterwards, the Rangers arrive in the forest and come face to face with Graviton and a bunch of X-Borgs. The Rangers morph from Megaforce to Super Megaforce, but as more X-Borgs appear the Rangers then morph into Samurai Legendary Ranger Mode. After taking out some X-Borgs the Red Ranger then switches his Fire Smasher to Five Disc Beetle Cannon mode which wipes out the rest of the X-Borgs. Graviton activates his gravitational field which pulls the Rangers towards him, but with some acrobatic jumps the Rangers break free. Graviton recharges then fires a blast from the horn on his head which causes the Rangers feet to stick to the ground. Unable to move, the Rangers morph into Turbo Legendary Ranger Mode and zoom around the forest at top speed freeing themselves then with the Final Strike they destroy Graviton. However, using the maximizer, he re-appears as a giant monster. The Rangers now in their Legendary Megazord get knocked to the ground while Graviton uses his gravitational field to hold the Megazord down, Graviton recharges his horn but before he can fire he is attacked from behind by the Wild Force Red Lion. Now free the Megazord combines with the Red Lion creating the Legendary Wild Force Megazord. Graviton still thinks he can win, but when the Rangers fire the Wild Force Final Strike Graviton is destroyed for good. Later the Rangers reflect on how working together means that they can achieve great things.[2]




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