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The Power of Pink is the thirty-first episode of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. This episode concludes the technical-second Team Up between the Galaxy and Space Rangers, which began in the previous episode. The episode is noted for the first death of a Power Ranger, Kendrix Morgan (who was written out of the series as Valerie Vernon was diagnosed with leukemia and prepared to undergo chemotherapy).


The Power Rangers in Space are visiting while Psycho Pink plots to destroy the Pink Ranger. Kendrix discovers the location of the Savage Sword and Psycho Pink reads Kendrix's mind, finds the Sword and grows into a huge monster. The Rangers are able to destroy the Psycho Pink Monster but Kendrix disappears in a blast of pink energy.


The Galaxy Rangers show the Galactabeasts to their new friends, the Space Rangers. Cassie tries dancing on the Wildcat Galactabeast's head and is thrown off for her trouble. Psycho Pink, still badly injured from the previous battle, regains consciousness on the Scorpion Stinger and rebels against Trakeena and leaves by saying that she's not interested in destroying all the Rangers, just Pink. Trakeena, knowing Psycho Pink will go after the two Pink Rangers, decides not to pursue her. Psycho Pink heads for Terra Venture to find Kendrix who is reading about the Savage Sword in the Galaxy BookPsycho Pink appears from the screen and reads her mind, discovering the Sword's power and location. Kendrix takes off after Psycho Pink, and runs into Cassie. The two morph and head for the planet Rashon, to prevent Psycho Pink from getting the Savage Sword. Kendrix radios the Rangers for assistance, but they are held back by the appearance of Deviot, Villamax, and some Stingwingers. While the remaining Space and Galaxy Rangers battle them, Psycho Pink arrives at the location of the Savage Sword and pulls it from the stone just as the Pink Rangers arrive. She attacks Cassie, using the Savage Sword to strike several blows against her while keeping Kendrix at bay. The sword's blade grows bigger with each blow, and Psycho Pink uses it to absorb Cassie's energy and heal her injuries.

Cassie demorphs and her Astro Morpher falls off. Psycho Pink is ready to finish Cassie off there and then when sees the morpher and realises her chance to gain great power and stabs the fallen morpher with her sword, creating a furious storm of pink energy. Energy from the sword passes into Psycho Pink, transforming her into her monster form. The energy from the storm engulfs the planet and eventually reaches Terra Venture, causing it to quake violently. Deviot and Villamax realise that Psycho Pink has succeeded in her plans and retreat. The Rangers immediately leave for Rashon.

Psycho Pink continues absorbing energy from the Savage Sword, causing her to grow while Cassie suffers pain as a result. As Psycho Pink gloats, the Galaxy Megazord arrives on the planet and attacks her. Psycho Pink starts to gain the upper hand before the Astro Megazord arrives. In order to save Cassie from her pain and Terra Venture from destruction, Kendrix charges into the storm after the Savage Sword despite Cassie's repeated pleas for her to get out. The two Megazords finish off Psycho Pink with a powered up slash from each of their swords. Kendrix makes it to the eye of the storm, and (despite one final plea from Cassie and the Rangers rushing to stop her) destroys the Savage Sword.

A backlash from the blast disintegrates Kendrix but her sacrifice ends the storm. The Rangers arrive but they are too late. As the storm fades away, they are greeted by her spiritual form who tells them she will always be with them. The spirit disappears and the Pink Quasar Saber flies off into the sky for parts unknown. Cassie picks up her Astro Morpher repaired by Kendrix as a final gift to her fellow Pink Ranger.

The time has come for the Space Rangers to leave. Cassie is still heartbroken of Kendrix's loss, but Andros tells her that she sacrificed her powers in order to save her Astro Morpher. They say their sad goodbyes, and fly off on their Galaxy Gliders. The four remaining Galaxy Rangers are left bereft, knowing they have lost a Quasar Saber and a friend.




  • Trakeena stated there was now ten Rangers, when in fact there were eleven.
  • Psycho Pink was supposedly using Terra Venture's computer network to travel; however, it was obvious she was actually using the power grid (reinforced by the fact that she entered Kendrix's computer through the power cable).
  • For some reason Kendrix and Cassie waited until they were on their way to Rashon before telling the others of Psycho Pink's survival.
  • Carlos’ morph was surrounded by a green trim despite him being the Black Ranger.
    • A similar error also happened when the Astro Megazord blasts Psycho Pink from behind.
  • The Galaxy Rangers were somehow able to form the Galaxy Megazord despite Kendrix not being present.
  • Cassie was shown to be in pain after the destruction of her Astro Morpher, however there was no established connection between the Astro Morphers and their respective Rangers' life force.
  • Some of the cockpit shots during the Megazord fight showed the Galaxy Rangers wearing Lights of Orion armor.
  • Due to the use of stock footage, Cassie was briefly shown in the cockpit of the Astro Megazord despite not being present.
  • In the final scene Andros told Cassie that Kendrix had given up her powers, when in fact she had certainly sacrificed her life.
  • When Kendrix and Cassie discuss about the Savage Sword, and Psycho Pink, crew members can be see reflecting of their visors.
  • The Galaxy Megazord does not do a slash attack fully, instead it just does one slash.
  • When Psycho Pink is defeated, the edge of the set can be seen.
  • When Kendrix says “But I’ve got to destroy it, forever!” the energy beam are missing, but reappear when she destroys the sword.
  • When Kai yells “NO” his lips are not in proper sync.
  • When Ashley asks the Galaxy Rangers if there going to be ok, her visor is scratched, and the back of her neck has a small tear in it.
  • During the final scene the stunt actors can be seen through the Space Rangers visors, minus T.J..


  • This is the first team up to have differing names. The other would be Space Patrol Delta's Dino Thunder team-up episodes "History" and "Wormhole".
  • Unlike future team-ups, this one ends in a more unresolved manner, with plot threads continued into the very next episode, though "History" has minor elements that continued into "Impact"
  • This is the only episode in which the Savage Sword and the planet Rashon appear.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of Psycho Pink.
  • Although Mike does appear in this episode, he does not appear morphed.
  • This episode marks the final unmorphed appearances of Carlos and Ashley. They appeared morphed as the Black and Yellow Space Rangers in "Legendary Battle". Andros and T.J. would both return in Wild Force's "Forever Red", while Cassie would return alongside T.J. in Super Megaforce's "Legendary Battle".
  • While Kendrix would be written out of the season, Valerie Vernon would maintain her position as a primary cast member in the opening credits so that Saban could help to pay for her chemotherapy treatments.
  • It was originally intended for Patricia Ja Lee to replace Valerie Vernon as the Pink Galaxy Ranger for the remainder of the season. However, due to contract disputes over finances (Saban was only willing to pay her a guest-star rate rather than that of the main actors), Lee quit shortly after filming her scenes for this episode. A new ending had to be filmed, which is why the Space Rangers appear morphed during their final goodbyes to their Galaxy counterparts. Eventually, Melody Perkins was chosen to reprise her previous character to succeed Vernon for the rest of the season.
  • This episode and "Trakeena's Revenge" are the only crossovers in which both Ranger teams use their respective Megazords.
    • Coincidentally, not only do both team-ups involve the Galaxy Rangers, but it is the Galaxy Megazord in both instances.
    • However, it is the only crossover episode where the Megazord battle was Saban-filmed instead of Sentai stock footage.
  • This marks the final overall and only time in Lost Galaxy that the Astro Megaship turns into its Megazord form.

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