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The Power Stealer was the eighth episode of Season 2 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the second episode of the Green No More arc.


The Power Rangers lead a drive to clean up Angel Grove but Lord Zedd has plans of his own and decides to create the Octophantom to capture the Rangers in a magic jar and drain them of their powers. Now, the Rangers face a battle to keep their powers and save Tommy.


Several teens are in the Youth Center, getting ready for the cleanup drive in Angel Grove community and Trini, Zack, and Billy are among them. A television reporter for Angel Grove Weekened is there as well and she, and her camera man Diggy, film the teens and talks to Zack about the cleanup drive. The reporter tells the group that a rumor is going around that the Power Rangers will be there. Billy doesn't know what to say, Zack says they never met them, and Trini covers for them by telling the reporter they wouldn’t know since they don't know the Power Rangers. The interview ends and the reporter thanks everyone. As everyone leaves for the cleanup drive, Bulk and Skull stay behind and check out the reporter's equipment. The reporter comes up to them and asks if she can can help them with something. Bulk & Skull claim they want to help carry the equipment to the park for her. She tells them that only the camera can go and Ernie's going to watch over the equipment. She then thanks them for offering their help and leaves. Bulk comes up with an idea - to film the Power Rangers at the park and then remove their helmets thus revealing their identities.

Lord Zedd decides to take advantage of the Rangers' need to keep things clean, so he decides to create the most hideous monster he can think of, the Octophantom, which is the cross between an octopus and an elephant. He plans to have the monster lure each of them away, trap them in a jar, and then drain them of their powers. At Angel Grove Park, Tommy, Kimberly, and Jason are cleaning up with several other teens. Diggy has arrived, and starts interviewing Tommy. Putties and Octophantom arrive and everyone starts running. The three rangers begin to fight the putties unaware that the camera, left behind, is recording them. Tommy is the first to realize it's a trap. Kimberly finds Tommy is in trouble and warns Jason. They all morph to fight the putties and the monster, not realizing they have been recorded by the camera doing so. Several putties grab a hold of Tommy, and the monster opens his jar, and pulls him into it. Jason and Kimberly try to help, but are too late as the monster escapes with the trapped Green Ranger. Jason then contacts Zordon to inform him what happened and asks him to contact the others, and have them meet in the command center. After everyone has left the park, Bulk & Skull approach the camera. They realized the camera has been recording the Rangers in action so they take the tape. At the command center, the remaining Rangers are filled in. Billy tries to search for Tommy, using the data, but he is unable to locate him. Meanwhile, Tommy is being held captive in one of Lord Zedd's dimensions.

Back at the Command Center, the alarm goes off. Octophantom is back and defacing park property in order to lure the Rangers out. The Rangers suit up and head off to battle the monster. As the Rangers battle Octophantom, Billy realizes it's a trap and tries to warn the others, but they're too set on saving Tommy. From the sidelines, Billy watches the fight, trying to figure out the monster's weakness. When he sees Octophantom complimenting himself on his looks upon seeing his reflection, he realizes that the monster is very vain. Octophantom attempts to trap the other four rangers, but Jason manages to roll out of the way, as the monster traps Zack and the girls in his jar. Billy and Jason return to the Command Center after Octophantom leaves. Billy begins working on a device to distract the monster, while Jason goes back into action. Jason soon finds Octophantom and they battle, while the other four rangers are held captive above the fight, guarded by putties. Jason fights Octophantom with all his might but is slowly loosing the battle. Just when Jason is about to be sucked into the jar, the Power Lance appears out of nowhere and hits Octophantom in his trunk, making the him lose his jar. Billy is back with the device, which is a shield with a mirror in it to distract the monster. Jason uses the shield to catch Octophantom off guard while Billy fights the putties and releases the other Rangers. Zack and the girls are fine, but Tommy is very weak, to the point were his suit darkens. Despite his protesting, Tommy is sent back to the Command Center by Billy. The Octophantom grows, and the Rangers call for their zords to form the Thunder Megazord, which they use to destroy the Octophantom.

At the Youth Center, everyone is enjoying the buffet set up for the success of the clean-up drive. Jason thanks Billy for his help and Billy returns it with a complement. Kimberly fills in the others on Tommy's condition, that his powers are still weak, but he will be okay. Bulk & Skull walk in triumphantly and announce they have a tape of the Power Rangers' identities from the park. The Rangers realize in time that the tape does indeed contain footage that would expose them. Bulk tries to put the tape in, but Jason blocks the VCR with his hand. Zack quickly takes the tape and the Rangers tell Bulk & Skull that they need a label for such an important tape. Zack gives the tape to Billy, who hands him a different one with a label that he gives to Bulk & Skull. Bulk places the tape in the VCR and it shows cartoons. Bulk is upset, but Skull silences him to watch the show. Billy tells his teammates that he will take the real tape home and run it through his tape eraser and the Rangers share a laugh of relief knowing that their identities are safe once more.




Les Adventures de Carlos.jpg

  • A substantial amount of footage was cut from this episode.
    • The Octophantom then spewing green goo from his trunk which he then used as paint to paint some fake Easter Island heads.
      • This was most likely cut due to due to being grim and unnecessary as well as how his trunk looks very phallic in the shot.
        • However, the change is still evident in the final episode if one pays attention since the Octophantom's trunk can be seen dyed black for no reason when he paints.
    • Zack and the girls on makeshift crosses being held hostage by Putties which was cut and replaced with footage of them chained to poles.
      • This was edited out due to heavy religious imagery, the fact they are being crucified, and the visible presence of the original Putties on top of blade hands in close proximity to the Rangers' throats.
        • Once again however, and more noticeably, Jason turns and react to nothing at the start of the quarry fight (which was originally him reacting to the crosses).
    • Although the episode shows Billy struggling with the Mirror Shield as if it was very heavy, there was a full twenty seconds of him doing this in the original Zyu2 footage.
      • This was likely cut either due to being unnecessary or because it made Billy look extremely pathetic given how easily Jason lugged it around.
        • It would also create the plothole of why he would create something unwieldy when he may need to be extremely agile with it.
    • The Power Blaster being used on the Octophantom which was probably cut for time.
      • However, a remnant remains in the finished episode. There is a brief shot of Zedd's growth bomb exploding indicating that the Octophantom was struck by a Power Blaster attack.
    • The Dino Megazord vs the Octophantom which was cut for obvious reasons.
  • This episode was clearly filmed after "Best Man for the Job" since the Zord fight had the Thunder Megazord punched by the Octophantom twice. Saban did not have the costume for the Thunder Megazord for filming prior to that episode.
    • As a result, although it was just his fist, the Octophantom is in fact the only Zyu2 monster to appear in the same shot as the Thunder Megazord in their first appearance.
  • The Octophantom's staff is recycled from Chojin Sentai Jetman, the series that came directly before Zyuranger.
  • Zack's hair is now in short braids and would stay that way until the episode "Opposites Attract", not counting recycled/deleted footage from previous episodes.
  • This is also the only time we see Tommy's long hair in an untied fashion while he is still the Green Ranger. He would not have his hair in this style again until after he becomes the White Ranger.
  • This episode's Zyu2 Zord Battle had two U.S. footage shots of the Thunder Megazord and monster punching each other and appearing in the same frame. The first was the Megazord punching the monster while the second had them swapped.
  • When the Red and Black Rangers are knocked to the ground in the battle with the Octophantom, the Black Ranger's costume appears to have small rips and a damaged seam in the rear end.
  • In this episode, Tommy becomes the first person in the series, outside the forces of evil, to speak directly to Lord Zedd.
  • The Pacific Heritage Monuments contain Moai statues patterned after those on Easter Island.
  • This is another episode in which Zack uses the quote "The hand is quicker than the eye."
  • Kimberly's line “hurry, Lord Zedd’s trying to put us under a spell” arguably leads to a major plothole in the episode "Missing Green."
  • The cartoon that plays on the TV at the end of the episode is Les Adventures de Carlos, a French cartoon adapted by Saban Entertainment in the US as Around The World in 80 Dreams.


The Trucks.

  • When Billy says "He's gotta have a weak spot" whilst watching the others fight the monster, he's behind a bent-shaped tree branch. However, the next shot shows him going from a straightened tree to the bent one.
    • This was fixed in the 2010 re-airings by cutting down the shot.
  • Despite his friends being in immediate danger, Billy takes the time to paint the shield with his Ranger design & logo.
    • This error is somewhat ironic since the shield's purpose is to exploit vanity, which it seems Billy has as well.
  • In all shots of the quarry during the battle, it is sunny, but in shots of the Rangers being tied up to poles, it's a light blue sky.
  • In the Zyu2 footage, just as the camera goes off of Billy fighting the Z-Putties to fight and onto the Octophantom pulling out his scepter, two crew trucks can be seen.
  • The Rangers once again refer to the Thunder Megazord as “Mega Thunderzord” after forming it.


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